Look To The Cookie + Recent Meals + Edwards in Tribeca

Okay so first, I was SO HAPPY to see this picture on Instagram of a packed night at Edwards in Tribeca last Friday (including the beams of light too).

I was at Edward’s for take out (and had these french fries) back in March during the height of the pandemic.

Edwards Nyc

I took the below picture in March (same location as the above picture) because it was such a bizarre ghost town. Not a car on the street, barely a person to be found.

I’m glad to hear indoor dining can start to resume at the end of the month in the city. It’s just so sad what this pandemic has done to restaurants, and to everyone overall.

I still picture ordering our lunch and seeing the owner of Edward’s sitting at the entrance, taking our order from a chair without coming near us. We couldn’t walk in, he didn’t walk out. It was so odd and I will never forget it.


Moving on to some pizza. My son let me have a plain slice (he had ordered with friends).


LOOK TO THE COOKIE! Jerry was such a genius when he suggested the look to the cookie during my favorite episode of Seinfeld. It’s the same episode where Elaine found a hair in her babke and told the bakery person that she was sold a hair, with a cake around it. Did I ever tell you that Jerry Seinfeld’s sister was our neighbor when I was growing up? That was quite a good time especially since the show was new and crazy popular at the time.

black and white cookies

Over here still making my daily salads. This particular salad involved tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, romaine, chickpeas, some of the Trader Joe’s Southwest salad mix with the cheese and dressing that it comes with, plus avocado.


I’m eating a lot of sweet potatoes lately not that eating sweet potatoes is unusual for me. What’s a little different right now is that I like to bake big sweet potatoes whole, rather than cut in wedges and roast them.

I made this big salad for dinner with a big sweet potato which I topped with mashed avocado and a sprinkle of everything but the bagel seasoning. So good.

sweet potato with salad

And finally, is the line to get into your Trader Joe’s as long as the line I stand on to get into my Trader Joe’s? Please let me know.

Trader Joe's line


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      They do have a great system, that’s for sure! I feel bad for the employees who constantly have to direct the traffic and hand us the wiper to clean the cart. I try to go at times when the line may be shorter although no line is rare.