Week in Workouts: Tunnel To Towers + Another 10 Mile Run

This is the first workout recap I’m writing that doesn’t include a run by the beach in over two months. But I have a good reason! I needed to get my hair highlighted on Saturday, and wasn’t about to sweat it up on Sunday. I still ran Saturday morning (10 miles actually!) before leaving for my hair appointment.


Even without a boardwalk run, it was still a nice week in workouts with a great mix between running, yoga, barre, and walking.

Monday – 3 Miles/30 Min Walk

I ran 10 miles yesterday but felt like running today so I went with a 3-mile easy run before switching to walking.

Tuesday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt/30 Min Walk

LOVE Warrior Sculpt. Just love.

lifetime warrior sculpt

Wednesday – 5 Miles

One mile warm-up + 3 miles effort + one mile cool down.

I find this to be the perfect weekday morning run as it gives me a great workout in under 45 minutes.

Thursday – 45 Min Barre

Major rain this morning meant indoor workout. I went with another Lifetime Barre workout and really enjoyed it. It was totally different from the other barre routines that I do which made it fun for trying something new even though barre isn’t new to me.


Friday – 3.5 Miles (Virtual Tunnel to Towers)

I ran 3.5 miles for the Tunnel To Towers Virtual Challenge this morning. You can read my Never Forget September 11 post here.

The Never Forget Virtual Challenge is a challenge to have people do one thing to honor and remember the sacrifice of 9-11. It is with the hope that individuals, families, first responders, military, and anyone who would have supported one of the Run and Climb events, including the NYC 5K Run and Walk, would take time to share how they will “Never Forget.”

tunnel to towers virtual challenge


You can still participate in the Tunnel To Towers Virtual Challenge through October 19 – click here to learn more.

Saturday – 10 Miles

10 mile runs two weekends in a row! I ran the same 8-mile workout that I’ve been running every weekend lately and then once again, tacked on two easy miles after finishing the workout to reach 10 miles. Totally didn’t plan in advance to run 10 but once I was at 8, and then 9, I was like, well, what’s another maximum of 10 minutes of easy running? This is exactly how you end up running longer distances.

Sunday – 30 Min Walk/30 Min Yoga


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