Recent Meals + Trader Joe’s + Warmed Apples


My son starts his senior year of high school today. Although, it’s certainly not a normal start to school. He goes to school in person on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, plus every other Monday. Tuesday and Thursday are virtual. Who could have ever imagined such a routine?! I’m a bit sad that he’s already a senior (where does the time go?) although I’m grateful that the hybrid start to school is not an issue for me as a parent. If my son were younger, this would be a lot more challenging. Thankfully he is old enough to handle the routine on his own and I don’t have to figure out how to assist with the virtual learning or ensure he is doing the school work. Instead, I’m busy with college applications and fitting college essays into specific word count limits. Word count limits don’t threaten me at all, I’m a pro. 🙂

Let’s chat now about food since it is Wednesday after all!

Here’s a typical yet delicious salad from Chopt. I always order my dressing on the side and then tend to dump it on top and mix it around.

chopt salad

I feel like I’m doing a good thing when I order the whole wheat vegetable slice from Villa Monte. It’s still the most loaded vegetable pizza slice I’ve ever experienced and all of those vegetables help add to why I think pizza is healthy food and part of a well-balanced diet.

whole wheat vegetable pizza

I had lunch inside at The Cheesecake Factory for the first time since early March! They forgot to bring us bread but that’s okay, my big vegan cobb salad made up for it.

vegan Cobb

While I haven’t been in the mood to take pictures of the daily salads I make at home, here is a picture from my Trader Joe’s shopping cart filled with salad ingredients.

trader joes

Also, I tried this new sauce from Trader Joe’s. it’s very good and definitely spicy!

spicy chunky tomato pepper sauce

Look who is back to eating apples! Remember when I ate at least an apple a day for years topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips? Although I fell out of that mood and habit, I am slowly getting back into a routine of dicing an apple, sprinkling cinnamon, and heating it up in the microwave.

I do love warmed apples with cinnamon and this method is super easy. On this particular occasion, I added the smallest amount of peanut butter on top. My son really likes this snack too. It smells so good you just can’t resist.

cinnamon apples

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