First Indoor Dining + Mixing Up My Salad Ingredients

I had my first indoor dining experience since March over the weekend at Rothmann’s. Certainly not a bad place to start!

While I don’t eat steak, the menu is still packed with other options that I love.

We had the mozzarella tower to start.

mozzarella tower

I ordered two sushi rolls plus shared the steakhouse side dishes with my son. YUM.

rothmans sushi

I went into Chopt for this salad rather than ordering in advance. I messed up because I didn’t get my usual ingredient combination and forgot that I love the spicy peppers lately. The spicy peppers add so much flavor! I ordered sweet potatoes in place of the peppers and really wasn’t as happy.


I love a good takeout from The Cheesecake Factory.

Cheesecake Factory salad


I’ve been a little tired of the salads that I’ve been making at home. Even I can reach a point of salad boredom! To remedy this, I made some changes to my salads by mixing up the ingredients I use.

First, I decided to not buy the giant salad bowl that I get from Stew Leonard’s and instead, make the salads completely myself.

Then I tweaked my salad ingredients like this:

  • Chose plum tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes.
  • Added red peppers and cucumbers to my salad ingredients (cut them up and stored in one container).
  • Chose Trader Joe’s Southwest and Buffalo Ranch salad kit – will mix with romaine to get more use out of both.
  • Made quinoa and lentils as an option instead of choosing chickpeas every day.
  • Also bought baby carrots for a change and Trader Joe’s Avocado Tzaziki dip – can use the dip as a salad dressing too.

My small changes definitely made the difference. I’m not as bored with my salads anymore!

For example, the below salad contained romaine, the southwest chopped salad mix (including the cheese it comes with), tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, corn, chickpeas, and avocado plus the dressing that comes with the southwest salad kit.


Also! I was in the mood for bagels and vegetable cream cheese this week so I made sure to get some while by Town Bagel. In addition to getting the maple raisin multigrain bagels (the best!), I also bought mini whole wheat bagels.

I think it’s funny they call this bagel a mini, it’s certainly not that small, just smaller than the regular-sized bagels. This was my dinner two nights in a row (and a third night, I had a maple raisin multigrain bagel).

whole wheat bagel and salad

I realize that bagels and vegetable cream cheese for dinner is not exactly a typical dinner but I don’t go by typical, I go by me and what I’m in the mood to eat. Better to eat what you are in the mood to eat rather than force yourself to eat what you think you should be eating because either way, you will want the original meal you really wanted to eat.

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