Road Tests + Target Soft Pajamas + Stoney Clover (of course)

This may be a Friday Favorites post but one thing I am not loving right now is the sun rising later with each passing morning. I know this happens every August and I know to expect it but still, I don’t like it!

As the sun rises later, I realize my summer running season will be transitioning to fall super soon. Aside from not being ready for that, I’m not ready for summer to end because I’m not ready to put away my Stoney Clover mini woven tote bag.

I mean, how cute is it!

Stoney Clover woven bag


Maybe I’ll distract myself and get this Stoney Clover open top pouch and personalize it specifically to hold my nail polishes and manicure supplies. Yes, this is what I designed this week because yes, I’m always designing something with Stoney Clover.

Stoney Clover open top

I actually spent my time using the Stoney Clover customizer tool while waiting for my son as he was TAKING HIS ROAD TEST.

The days are long, but the years are short.


^Of course he was wearing tie-dye. 🙂 

So here in New York, you get a learner’s permit at 16 and then need to take a state-approved Driver’s Education course plus a road test to receive your driver’s license at the age of 17. My son was enrolled in Driver’s Ed in the spring BUT it was canceled due to the pandemic. While it’s supposed to resume in the fall, this became a bit of an issue as his 17th birthday is in October. The kid wants his license on schedule, and I don’t blame him! I remember the age well.

We were able to sign him up for a 5-hour pre-licensing course in July which allowed him (along with my signature to certify he has had a certain amount of driving hours) to take the road test. Passing the road test (which he did!) now gives him a junior license. A junior license will allow him to drive to/from work and school only. Once he completes the full driver’s ed course, his license will convert to a regular license. In the event that the driver’s ed course is canceled again (due to the pandemic, but let’s hope not), his junior license will automatically become a regular license at the age of 18 (which would be next October, when the kid is in college. I can’t even talk about that yet).

All I know is that he drove himself in his own car to and from work yesterday, without me. Rather than freak about this, I’ll focus on the fact that I no longer need to practice parallel parking with him anymore, ever again.

Fashion Finds

Did you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yet? It’s now open to everyone so please let me know if you get anything.

I went to Target the other afternoon. While there, I decided I loved so many pieces from the Stars Above brand of pajamas and wanted to tell you about them. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned some of the pajamas from this collection in the past but really needed to discuss many more options because they are so super soft. Soft for pajamas and loungewear is key! And I know they are super-soft because I literally touched each item so that I could report back to you. I may have looked funny touching everything but hey, it needed to be done.

The Ribbed pajama tank top is softer than I expected.

Loved these Perfectly cozy lounge jogger pants as well as these beautifully soft fleece lounge jogger pants.

I always choose sleep shorts and these beautifully soft pajama shorts were really nice and soft too.

I love long sleeves with shorts so this beautifully soft long sleeve pajama set is perfect.

And how about this star print cozy long sleeve top and leggings!

Quickly from lululemon, I saw the All Night Festival Bag Micro bag in the store and really liked how small it was. It’s a smaller version of the one I have but looks as though it still holds a ton. It does not convert to a fanny pack though so you would wear it cross-body or as a shoulder bag.

This pair of Align Joggers with a track stripe are on sale — I like this style with the stripe.

Also, this sundown sweater wrap is still on sale and I really think we need it. It’s perfect for wearing every single day.

And finally, I bought a new Mason Pearson hairbrush this week for the first time since 1999. That’s right, 1999! Mason Pearson may be pricey but it’s worth the investment. I’ve been a loyal user of Mason Pearson hairbrushes since I’m a little girl. I’ve only owned maybe two in my lifetime, so this is what – my third hairbrush? Considering I’m 42, that shows how durable the hairbrushes really are. Worth every penny. There’s nothing quite like a Mason Pearson hairbrush for your hair.

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