You Know You Are A Runner When + New Running Shoes + Weekly Workouts

Do you ever wonder how to know if you are a runner? Well, here’s your answer. I don’t care how many miles you run or how fast/slow you go. You know you are a runner when you get a new pair of running shoes and can’t wait to test them out for a few miles.

I ordered the new Brooks Ghost 13’s. Once they arrived, all I could think about was my excitement to run in them as soon as possible. That’s how I know I’m a runner. 🙂

brooks ghost 13

Each of the new features in the Brooks Ghost 13 is noticeable in a good way:

  • Smooth Transition: DNA LOFT now extends beyond the heel, all the way to the forefoot, for an easy transition from landing to toe-off.
  • Soft cushioning: Super soft DNA LOFT offers plenty of cushioning underfoot, regardless of how your foot lands.
  • Stretch & structure: The 3D Fit Print applies strategic stretch and structure to the upper

Weekly Workout Recap

You will notice I ran a total of five days this week, with four days of running in a row (and a 10 mile run in there too).

This is not at all typical and not at all what I aim for these days. However, my new Brooks arrived Thursday afternoon and I just had to get outside with them for a few miles on Friday. I kept Friday’s miles slow and easy, and Thursday’s miles were slow and easy too in order to still be able to run happily and fatigue-free on Saturday as planned.

I may be running slightly more this summer than what my current average has been but I am extremely cautious of not letting things creep up higher than where I am at right now. For me, I really do think less is more when it comes to running. Although injury has not been an issue for me (knock on wood), I think keeping things to more of a minimum is best for me. Four days max of running, highest mileage not above 25 miles a week — for the most part. This week was five days and that’s just fine, but it will not be a weekly thing.

Monday – 6 Miles

I thought I would run 5 but ended up adding in a cool-down mile.

  • Mile 1,2: Easy
  • Mile 3: .50 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard
  • Mile 4: .25 easy/.75 hard
  • Mile 5: .25 easy/.25 hard/.25 easy/.25 hard
  • Mile 6: Cool down

Tuesday – 30 Min Pure Barre/Quick Walk

I slept a little later than normal so my time frame for a workout was shorter than I would like but hey, I’m not sacrificing my sleep.

Wednesday – 5 Miles

Holy humidity! I felt it as soon as I opened the front door. At this point in the summer, I don’t even pay attention to the full forecast because I know it’s hot and humid. It’s summer. But during this run, I actually opened the weather app to find out just how high the humidity was. 94%…yep, I felt it.

1 miles easy + 3 miles effort + 1 mile cool down

Thursday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Pure Barre

Easy 3 miles followed by Pure Barre which focused on arms and abs.

Friday – 3 Miles/Yoga

My first run in the new Brooks Ghost 13! They are so comfortable! I can feel the new cushion (which I think has a little firmness to the cushiony, bouncy feeling?) and how it extends from heel to toe. Very even feeling of the cushion throughout the foot.

brooks ghost 13


Saturday – 10 Miles

I knew last week that I saw a 10 mile run in my future. Today seemed like a good day as we were out of heatwave weather with temperatures in the lower 70’s rather than the 80’s. The humidity was lower in comparison to what I have been running in on the boardwalk this summer. The wind was a bit annoying but whatever, it’s impossible to find perfect weather conditions all the time.

Long Beach boardwalk run

I loosely planned to go 10 miles, knowing I would stop if I really wasn’t up for it. It’s not so hard to run 10 miles if you break it up mentally with some sort of plan, especially if you aren’t as used to running the longer distances. I like to front-load the longer distances with the easy miles and then add in some effort later on, leaving me fewer miles as the cooldown. But you can do it however it works best for you.

5 miles easy + 3 miles effort + 2 miles easy

The easy miles flew by, the increased effort worked for me in that I wasn’t dead since it wasn’t oppressively hot but it definitely wasn’t easy. I was happy to get to the cool down miles.

Sunday – 45 Min Yoga

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