Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty + Fashion Finds + Pizza (Friday Faves!)

Woah, another fast week. I saw a funny Instagram post yesterday that said something to the effect of…Funny this summer is almost over since it never even really started. Makes so much sense for this year, doesn’t it? It’s definitely not a typical summer although I’ve taken advantage as much as I can to bring some normalcy to life.

Anyway, Friday Favorites time!

Playoff Hockey = Pizza

We ordered a margarita pie on Wednesday, right after I posted all about how much I like the margarita pizza from Stew Leonard’s. This Stew Leonard’s margarita pizza did not disappoint once again and was the perfect food to eat while watching the Islanders game. I’m still in awe that I’m watching playoff hockey in the summer. Talk about a strange form of jet lag, I truly don’t know what day, month, the time it is as I watch these games? This is the playoffs? I’m watching the Islanders? In the summer? It’s August?

margarita pizza

Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty Collaboration

Well the Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty collaboration launched earlier this week and my worlds collided. If you know me, you know that I love Hello Kitty and I have (what I like to call) the largest Hello Kitty collection easily in the state of New York. Try to challenge my collection, which I started back in the early ’80s…I just dare you.

Anyway, I am an adult now so I try not to go goo-goo over Hello Kitty anymore BUT this is a Stoney Clover collection and it does feature my favorite little kitty so I had to get something.

With lots to choose from in terms of pouches and patches, I had to make some decisions. I really didn’t want to overdo this so I went with the bow print in both the Hello Kitty Pencil Case and Hello Kitty Large Pouch. I left patches off the pencil case (which will hold my unsharpened Hello Kitty pencil collection) and designed the large pouch subtly with a Hello Kitty Bow and a Hello Kitty Patch. The large pouch is known for holding SO MUCH but the pencil case too is an awesome pouch for more than just pencils. It really holds the world in there and you would never know it until you have one. I have one already that I use for makeup and so much fits inside!

Stoney Clover hello kitty

I took the liberty of designing some additional Stoney Clover X Hello Kitty pouch combinations to give you more ideas. It’s overwhelming, I know! Everything looks amazing and the combination possibilities are endless! Like, you can’t make a bad decision which actually becomes the issue – am I making the right right decision? The wrong right decision?

Money-saving tip: If you choose a clear travel pouch or a clear front pouch, you can stick the patch on without needing it sewn. This will save you the additional sewing fee. And I love the clear pouch options!


Stoney Clover hello kitty




Fashion Finds:

I’m still over here obsessed with the underwear I mentioned in my workout recap post on Monday. So soft and comfortable, I don’t want to wear anything else.

I would like to try the new Unlimit High-RIse Tight from lululemon. It appears (although I won’t know until I try them on), that they aren’t going to compress me — I HATE compression in leggings so much. I’m assuming the buttery soft and weightless description means these are right up my alley.

Grab the Swiftly Tech long sleeve on sale now before you need it.

Maybe we both need the Fast and Free run belt.

What are these Jelly Superstar Adidas Sneakers? HOW COOL! I can’t even pick a color.

No need to thank me for finding this cropped tie-dye hoodie at Target. It’s soft too, I made sure to feel the material in person. Also, have we discussed these tie-dye high rise vintage sweatpants yet? Super cute.

How many totes are too many totes? I really like this Nike Sportswear Essentials Tote and need it, right?

Shopbop carries the Stoney Clover tie-dye face masks and offers free shipping so there’s a savings right there.

Don’t forget to check out my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


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  1. lauren says

    i thought i was the only one out there who doesn’t like compression! Hate feeling like i’m in a sausage casing, not to mention the time it takes to get the leggings on because they’re so tight and bunching up! Happy to see someone else agrees with me!

    • says

      I hate the compression so much! That’s why I wear so many pants from GapFit – much larger selection without compression than lululemon at this point. I find even the pants they say have no compression, have some compression! lol