Food Highlights (Lunch at Chopt + Sushi + Pizza)

This post is in no particular order in terms of which day I ate what but that’s ok, right? We can just call it a bunch of food highlights since last week’s Heat Wave Appetite post.

I met a friend for lunch at Chopt the other day. We ordered ahead so the salads were waiting for us and then we picked a table outdoors. It was lovely and like I told her, a highlight for this summer simply because we were able to see each other. Also! Since I use the app to order salads at Chopt lately, it says I have a $10 reward for next time. Remind me to use that later this week, please!


Earlier this summer I was falling into the habit of a daily Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. Then I went weeks without a cup. I stopped for one the other afternoon and enjoyed every quick sip until I was left with just the ice.

iced coffee

Every Friday without fail, I see an uptick in my post about what to eat the night before a long run. While I technically don’t run too long anymore, I did think ahead Friday night before my Saturday run on the boardwalk in the heat to have some sort of bread.  I used the baguette in the house to make a quick pizza. Although let’s be real, most of my dinners do involve pizza.

French bread pizza

Speaking of pizza, we ordered this beautiful pie to have while watching the Islanders playoff game on Saturday. Um, I still cannot believe we have playoff hockey (or any hockey) in the summer! Truly a historic year in our lives for sure. I mean hello, not only do we have hockey in summer but I have to balance the fact that PLAYOFF GAMES are on during the day this week while I’m trying to work! Usually, I have the news on during the day in the background while working but this week, it’s hockey at noon.


I had this vegetable sushi with a salad but it happened by default. What I really wanted was to try the margarita slice of pizza from Stew Leonard’s. They were out of that particular pie when I was there shopping. Oh well, maybe I will try it later this week.


And finally,  I finished up a Cheesecake Factory gift card with the takeout version of the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad (without the chicken).

bbq ranch salad

Did you shop the Nordstrom sale yet? Please let me know when you do!

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