Hockey In Summer + Fanny Packs + Fashion Finds

Lots of Friday Favorites to discuss today (how is it Friday already?) so let’s jump right in!

Hockey Playoffs In Summer?!

Never in my 42 years of life have I experienced a hockey season during the summer. Until now. Looking back at this photo from an Islanders game in December, I had NO IDEA when I took the picture that the hockey season (and the rest of the world) would be coming to an abrupt halt due to a pandemic, only to have the hockey season resume with the playoffs in the summer. Who could imagine such a thing?!

islanders gloves

So while this year has been anything but normal, I’m not complaining about the hockey part at the moment. I’m pretty excited to have hockey games to watch, and it’s playoff hockey! Should be quite interesting. Usually around now the talk turns to training camp and the start of the new season in October. I have no idea what fall will look like so I’m happy to enjoy hockey in the present moment. Even if it is basically 100 degrees outside.

Stoney Clover Fanny Pack

Should I do a “what’s in my Stoney Clover fanny pack” post like I did a what’s in my clear pouch for summer running? Yes, I think that I will. I have a lot to say about the fanny pack especially since I was never a fanny pack person BUT the new fanny pack option from Stoney Clover was too cute to resist. And don’t get me started on the new Love Shack Fancy X Stoney Clover Laguna blue glitter pearl letters either. I already have another pouch in the works using these letters. The glitter plus the pearls plus the Love Shack Fancy floral pattern of the letter is just so delicately pretty with that extra level of detail. Can’t get enough.

Stoney Clover fanny pack

Fashion Finds:

In this heat, I’ve been all about dresses and skirts so naturally, that’s what I’ve been searching this week because I need
want more.

I ordered this comfortable and pretty eyelet skirt from the Gap and it arrived very quickly. It’s a perfect staple to have in the closet because you can dress it up with heels (if we ever get back to normal life and do normal dress up things) or you can wear it really casual with a t-shirt and flip flops or sneakers.

Here’s another eyelet style in this Eyelet A-Line Skirt.

I also love this super cute taffeta ruffle miniskirt. And this sweet and simple white tiered miniskirt 

Oh, and this court Rival High Rise Skirt from lululemon. Good luck with finding your size. I may go to the store today in person to try to find my size.

I’m always drawn to dresses like this Ruffle Strap Midi Sundress although midi is never my favorite style. It really depends. I’m more the above the knee or right at the knee style since I’m short. However, I can wear midi when the fit is right and there’s some a-line, high waist something to the dress so I don’t look so lost in the length.

Ok, I love this Nike Cover Up Dress with a hood and I would wear this Nike tennis dress every day. Did I ever tell you that I used to take tennis lessons as a kid? I should take them now to wear the dress with purpose.

And yes, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts for everyone in a few days. I don’t love this sale each year but I will continue scouting it to report back on my findings.

Have a great weekend!




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