What’s In My Stoney Clover Pouch For Summer Running

My favorite feature in fashion magazines has always been the articles showing what’s in someone’s makeup bag.

Rather than show you my makeup bag (I’m always happy to do that too!), I wanted to share what’s in my Stoney Clover pouch for summer running.

stoney clover clear pouch

I’ve been packing my Stoney Clover clear travel pouch for my beach runs this summer. I’m just so happy to put my things together for these runs! You know the feeling you have when you prepare for races, gathering what you need, thinking about in advance, and getting excited in the process? Well, that’s how I feel about my weekend boardwalk runs this summer. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m enjoying running by the beach again or if it’s because I like packing my Stoney Clover pouches. I think it’s both.

stoney clover clear pouch

I recently designated my Stoney Clover clear pouch (TSA approved) in Sky color with Sky glitter heart as my summer run/beach/pool pouch. This pouch is of excellent quality, a great size, super functional, and I love that I can see directly into it. If sunscreen or sand or anything else gets on it/in it, it’s super easy to see and clean. It’s actually a great pouch for anything!

Here’s what’s in my pouch…

Stoney Clover clear pouch what's in it

Sunscreen. OBVIOUSLY. I do apply my sunscreens before I leave the house but I bring it with me to reapply right before I run. If I’m staying at the beach a little longer after my run, I reapply again.

I’m nuts about skincare and keeping myself from sunburns/sun damage/wrinkles. This combo of sunscreens really works for me. I use Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 50 on my face and Babyganics SPF 50 on my body.

Hair Accessories: I don’t like to put my hair up until I’m ready to run. I bring my headband, hair tie, and scrunchie with me and put it on once I’m at the beach. First goes the headband, then I’ll wrap a ponytail into a tight bun and secure it with the scrunchie. On top of the headband goes my beloved sun visor (which doesn’t fit in the pouch). I would be lost without my Visor when running in the summer. The visor not only keeps suns off my face which helps alleviate running in bright sun but adds additional protection combined with sunscreen to protect my face from sun damage. When I’m finished running, cooled down, and ready to leave, I take my hair down and then put it back up loosely in a satin scrunchie.

Hello Kitty hairbrush. Always need a touch of Hello Kitty! This isn’t my main hairbrush but it’s good for purposes such as the beach bag.

Running sunglasses. Gosh, I wish I had a link for this pair because I got them at Target last year and they are great. I normally wear prescription glasses but for running, it’s not needed. However, I do need sports sunglasses to run in the summer, especially at the beach. I did not pay a lot of money at all for this pair (like maybe $25?) and they are terrific!

AirPods. No explanation needed here. Love my AirPods.

Face Mask. New for this year obviously is bringing a face mask with me to the beach. While I don’t need to wear it while running on the boardwalk, I always have one with me.

Mini Hand Sanitizer. Honestly not something I used to pack with me but I do bring it now.

Additional items can fit! You can add a deodorant and lip balm. If you want a lip balm with SPF, I recommend this one from Fresh.

I just want to quickly mention that new for me this year when running the boardwalk is to use a fanny pack. Normally I would carry my keys, license, and credit card in the zippered pocket of my pants. However, the need for a facemask and hand sanitizer became an issue this summer so I converted the lululemon festival bag that I’ve had for years to its fanny pack option and it’s just perfect! It’s as if I’m wearing nothing! While it’s bigger than the basic fanny pack (you can wear it as a regular bag too), it actually sits really well while running. Inside it, I place a small wallet, keys, sanitizer, and face mask. What I like about this fanny pack is that it has so many sections so I can keep things separate and not dig around touching everything when looking for one item. You can really fill this fanny pack up or keep it really light. I’m still fascinated that it’s comfortable for running.

If you want a Stoney Clover clear travel pouch for your workouts or for the beach but aren’t sure how to design it (I hear you, it’s a struggle for me too) I created some ideas for inspiration. They have a larger small pouch with a clear front which is really nice too so I added that option into the mix. I have both pouches in my collection and really have to say every pouch from Stoney Clover is truly amazing. The colors, the patches, the quality, the personalization options — can’t say enough good things.

Stoney Clover pouch designs

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