Thinking Ahead To Winter Running (plus weekly workout recap)

While I’m in the midst of enjoying my favorite season for running, I’m also thinking ahead to winter running. Even though I’m totally someone who lives in the present and really knows how to NOT to overthink things before they even might happen, I am giving thought to what winter running may look like this year. It may be very different.

The gym in my community has yet to reopen. I haven’t needed a treadmill since before the pandemic shut things down but come winter, this may become an issue. Running in the bitter cold is not my favorite and the dark dreary mornings leave me with little desire/time to run outside.

I decided to give this possible winter running situation some advanced thought so that I’m prepared. I may not have my usual gym only steps away from my front door this winter. However, I do still have my options for running and winter workouts. We always have options!

Here’s the plan, in case you were curious:

1 – I don’t need to run. That’s right, I don’t need to run. If I can’t get outside because there’s too much snow or ice, or if it’s just too darn cold and I don’t want to, I have indoor virtual workout options that make me happy too. Running is great but it’s not the only workout option. I can fill my workout time with workouts I like from Lifetime including Warrior Sculpt, Kickboxing, and Xtreme, and hey, there’s Pure Barre too. Plenty to do if I can’t get outside to run.

2 – I can plan my outdoor runs around the weather and daylight. I don’t love winter running as I once did. I won’t ever run in the dark and really don’t like to run when it’s too cold. That being said, I can plan to run on weekends when I can get outside later in the morning which means more sun and perhaps a slightly warmer feeling. There are ways to make this happen. Maybe not my typical four days a week but even two days would be great. And really, it certainly can’t hurt to layer up and try running more than I usually would if I had a treadmill option in the winter. I used to do it, I can try doing it again.

3 – My parents have a treadmill. If all else fails and I really want to run but need to/want to do it indoors, I can always use the treadmill at my parents’ house. Under the assumption that my gym is closed but I can safely go into my parents’ house, this is totally an option.

The dark, dreary, and cold winter months are only a few months. Even if we experience a brutal winter of frigid temperatures and/or several snowstorms, the likelihood of being able to get outside to run at least once or twice a week is still extremely likely. It will all be just fine. 🙂

Okay now let’s move on to last week’s very summery workouts. It’s hot out there!

Long Beach

Monday – 50 Min Walk/Strength

I made up my own quick strength routine that was maybe 20 minutes long.

Tuesday – 6 Miles

A little cooler than yesterday but hey, it’s a heatwave. It’s hot.

While nothing formal, the first mile was a warm-up and then I mixed things up with random inetrvals: 1 X 1, 2 X 1, 3 X 1, 4 X 1, and 5 X 1.

Wednesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Thursday – 30 Min Run/Yoga

Sometimes I like to run through my own yoga practice. I know enough by now to spend 20 minutes going through many of the poses which gives me such a great stretch. I’ve noticed a major increase in my flexibility lately too.

Friday – 5 Miles

I thought I would run 3 easy miles but I stayed outside for 5, all before it rained!

Saturday – 20 Min Pure Barre/3 Mile Walk

Sunday – 7.50 Miles (boardwalk)

I’m absolutely loving my boardwalk runs this summer!

I did ask Laura in advance for some advice on what I can possibly do to not slow from the weather during the second half of the run. If that’s even possible. Lately, I am starting out pretty quick for a summer run on the boardwalk but I’m afraid to force myself to start slow because I just don’t think I would pick things up at that point because the heat and sun tire me out regardless.

Here’s what she said:

“Do a warm jog separate from the run, just like 5-10 minutes without tracking it to loosen up. Then jump in at a moderate effort and pick up from there. A warm-up will help you hold onto the fast pace longer and separating it is beneficial mentally.”

I always value Laura’s expertise so I listened to what she said to do, running my usual walk from the car to the boardwalk. It was only a couple of minutes (I had to go to the bathroom so I didn’t continue this warm-up) but I think it made a difference.


It was another excellent boardwalk run. Yes, it was very hot with no shade but there is a breeze and it’s not a race. I started out under 9 again and held consistent around 8:45 min/mile before slowing in the last couple of miles (as usual). I just don’t think during a heatwave that I can help that.

This time, however, I didn’t feel as dead towards the end and even continued my cooldown an extra half of mile. I could have kept going. Maybe it’s because I added those warm-up minutes in this morning prior to starting my run or maybe it’s because I just held more consistent without speeding up in the 7’s/low 8’s. Who really knows. Bottom line is, I feel great running in the heat and enjoy every second of these beach runs this summer. Next weekend I will try extending the warm-up jog and jumping in slightly faster to the actual run. Although no matter what, I do think I will slow if it’s still this hot outside.

brooks ghost 12

So I hear the new Brooks Ghost 13’s will be out this weekend! I’m excited to see the color options and try them as my next pair. I’ve heard the toe box is a little wider which is always nice for me. I like a wide toe box.

Have a great week!

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    It’s obvious to see why running on the coast is so appealing, some really nice views. In the UK, we have not really experienced a summer yet (well I guess we did but it was all in Spring! – this global warming has a lot to answer for), so the running in the heat is not something I’ve had to do much of. As for running in the winter, again we don’t get the extremes of weather so as long as my head torch is fully charged, it’ll be all systems go for the running 🙂
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