Recent Meal Highlights From The Last Few Days

I’ve had some problems with my site this week in terms of logging in so if you have experienced issues loading the blog too, I do apologize.

Just a few food photos to share but really, is any week that different from the week before? I mean, maybe just a little this time around as I don’t have a slice of pizza to showcase today.

I do have last night’s pizza bagel that I made on a bialy though.

pizza bagel

I chose to do take out from The Cheesecake Factory the other evening even though we can now dine both indoors and outdoors at the location in my area. However, I did walk into The Cheesecake Factory to place the order. And then I waited by the mall (which is open now too!) until it was ready for me to walk back in to pick it up. This entire statement seems so weird but it’s totally normal right now. Like, if I read what I just said last year or even six months ago, I would be wondering WTF is she talking about. Why are you saying I walked in to place an order and walked back in to pick it up? Who knew such a simple task would become the biggest deal?!


Here’s one of my at-home salad creations. I eat a variation of this salad basically every day.

This salad involved lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and onions with roasted sweet potatoes and a chopped up Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger. Oh, and I added asparagus too.


Last week I mentioned that I have been enjoying the Trader Joe’s miso vegetable and brown rice kit. I had it again the other night but I think I’m slightly moved on from the stir fry and salt craving I was having last week. That’s what’s nice about cravings. You eat what you are in the mood for and then the feeling passes.

stir fry

I cut up my first watermelon of the season just in time for my boardwalk run over the weekend. Normally I would be on my tenth watermelon to cut by now but I’m SO OVER cutting up fruit. I just don’t have the process in me anymore, or at least not on a weekly basis.

In fact, I thought who I was cutting up a watermelon and minimizing the mess from the rinds and watermelon juice on the counter…until the pyrex I was going to put the watermelon in cracked all over the kitchen floor. I then had the glass from the broken container to clean up too.


I need to buy new travel food containers. I’m pretty sure the last time I did a kitchen clean out, I got rid of all containers I wasn’t using and now look for them to use.

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