Friday Favorites (Pizza + DC Flashback + Fashion)

I missed my usual post on Wednesday mainly because I didn’t really feel like talking about food. So instead, I’ll include my most recent favorite food in this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Food:

I wanted pizza the other night but wanted something different from usual. Although I wasn’t quite sure what I was in the mood for exactly, I chose the eggplant slice from Mario’s. I also ordered the whole wheat margarita slice just in case my different from usual approach backfired on me. I loved this eggplant pizza (I’ve had it before, just not recently) and will likely be ordering it again really soon. The whole wheat margarita pizza became dinner the next evening with a salad. It was really a win-win situation and I’m glad I ventured off the usual course and had something a little different.


Favorite Flashback:

A year ago this week I was in Washington, DC with Heather. We were supposed to be in New Orleans this week together for work/vacation purposes and I was also supposed to be in DC last week for another reason which didn’t work out either. This pandemic is really something, isn’t it?

As soon as it’s possible, Heather and I will figure out a way to see each other because it’s time for a really good laugh in person again. We do our best by phone to stay funny during this time period but nothing beats our adventures together.

We still talk about the Conrad Hotel in DC and how good the food was on the concierge level. Can’t wait to stay here again!

sakura club breakfast

sakura club lunch

I liked the Conrad Hotel gym too (flashback photo below). Let’s add another favorite for this weekrunning. I’ve been enjoying my runs this week very much and I don’t even mind the summer temperatures and humidity. Granted, I run early enough to not feel it too much but it’s there – yet, I like it. Summer may now be my favorite season for running.

Also, I’m still wearing those Fourth of July Brooks Launch from last summer. Normally by now I would be in the new version but I don’t run as much as I once did and I still rotate my running shoes so this pair still feels decent.

conrad hotel gym

Favorite Finds:

Stoney Clover came out with new face masks. They aren’t tie-dyed but they are equally as pretty and the nicest face masks (if you ask me) you can find. It makes it not so bad to wear a mask when they are this pretty.

I finally tried this Scalp Revival Charcoal Coconut Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo by Briogeo which I received as my birthday sample gift from Sephora. Gosh, did my hair and scalp feel clean! I liked it so much that I made my son use it too. He will usually try the things I give him which makes me so happy. He liked this shampoo as well! I kept asking him if his head felt extra clean. It was pretty funny. My hair felt really nice and looked shiny, aside from simply feeling really clean. My plan is to use this shampoo once a week.

I love this sleeveless top with the little ties that look like bows for the straps. I’ve had tops like this in the past, I guess it’s back in style.

Oh, these Freedom Moses slides for J Crew. The glitter is of course my favorite.

My favorite tank from lululemon is on sale. And not on sale but I like it, is this On My Level Bag.

I was excited last week when I saw Nordstrom carries the Golden Goose Star Camera Bag. I’ve yet to pick a color (I’ve been on the fence since last summer) but sometimes I lean towards the black but then think maybe the silver or gold.

Gotta include some tie-dye in this post.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!



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