Stoney Clover Order Arrived + Fashion Finds From The Week

I danced my way to my front door when I got home the other afternoon to see my Stoney Clover birthday order had finally arrived! I know that I already mentioned what I ordered from the woven collection recently but wanted to share my excitement and show you what it looked like when the pouch and bag were finally in my hands.

Stoney Clover woven collection

I like the mini tote when going out for lunch or dinner, for vacation, or when you don’t need to carry a lot of everyday items with you. And then the small woven pouch is perfect for every day inside a larger tote or to organize stuff at home or for travel. I’m using it right now inside my everyday woven tote.  It makes me really happy. 🙂

Stoney Clover woven

In other Friday Favorites news, I’ve browsed all around the internet in various fashion directions this week. Even though many retail stores open in my area, I still like to look online in the morning. It’s part of my routine.

Here’s what I spotted:

This tie-dye braided belt dress

Great price for this tiered ruffle maxi dress.

I’m a sucker for a cute tote, especially in this shade of pink.

I gravitate towards sweat shorts always but this year especially, I find them more appealing and even more polished than denim shorts.

Nordstrom has Dior Addict Lip Glow on sale!

I can’t decide which color Freedom Moses slides to get, but I’m going to finally pick one this weekend.

These Cali Neon Iced Sneakers from Puma are adorable.

I lived in tie-dye socks as a kid. Are you surprised?

If you need a canvas tote, I saw this one in person at the Gap and definitely recommend it. Especially at this price.

Have I mentioned this LOVE T-Shirt yet? It’s on sale.

STOP RIGHT NOW that these sneakers come with friendship pins at the top of the laces. Am I supposed to start making friendship pins again?! Because I will. And if you don’t know about friendship pins or how you put them at the top of your laces, then clearly we are from a different generation and I’m sorry that you were not an 80’s kid.

Have a great weekend!




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