Donut Day + Cupcakes + Sushi (Quick But Good Recent Eats!)


Oh, hi. I wasn’t sure what my plan was in terms of posting this week. Like I mentioned on Monday, I haven’t been in the mood to write and also stopped taking pictures of what I’ve been eating for the most part over the last several days.

However, I did take a few pictures and in all honesty, I captured the best food moments. You will see what I mean below.

I share my birthday with National Donut Day. I’m not a huge donut lover. Listen, it’s not that I don’t like donuts (is that even possible?), it’s that I don’t really crave them or care either way. But it was a donut holiday and hey, it was my birthday too so why not get a chocolate frosted donut with pretty sprinkles in the middle of the day with an iced coffee?

Now don’t laugh at me for needing to make this statement because I’m sure the world already knows this but taking a bite of the donut with a sip of coffee made me fully grasp why coffee and donuts go together. My goodness, the coffee never tasted so delicious.

chocolate frosted donut

I really didn’t want a birthday cake last week. You know me, all positive and glass half full all the time but let’s be real, even the last little while can affect someone like me. My dad of course came through with Hello Kitty chocolate frosted cupcakes. Cupcakes are still cake but in a cuter, sneakier form.

hello kitty cupcakes

While I’m super excited for outdoor dining to open this week (!!!), I would happily order Cirella’s sushi for taking out anytime. We ordered a tremendous amount of sushi plus appetizers from Cirella’s for dinner on my birthday and it was delicious.


I’m really looking forward to restaurants opening this week because it will bring some normalcy to life. Not to mention, retail stores are opening too so I can’t wait to walk in and shop again! It’s been so weird to not pop into my favorite stores to see what’s new and to buy new clothes on a whim. While online shopping is useful, it’s not how I like to do things if I have the choice.

Also! One more food note to report as of late. I’ve been gravitating away from oatmeal every single morning back to English muffins with peanut butter. It’s not every morning but it’s been happening a couple of times a week. I miss the cinnamon raisin English muffins from Trader Joe’s though, I’m not sure where they went? I noticed they disappeared several months ago and never came back. I do like Thomas’ English Muffins but the cinnamon raisin version from Trader Joe’s was better than Thomass version if you ask my opinion.

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