Weekly Workout Recap + Scenic Walks

I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend. The weather hasn’t been so great but it only rained on Saturday so that’s a plus.

I’m going to jump right into a quick recap of my workouts from last week which includes afternoon scenic walks, and of course, a Pure Barre GO update!

Monday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt/Walk

I chose the 30 minute Warrior Sculpt instead of the longer version because I wanted to get outside for a walk too. Every minute counts in the morning!

lifetime warrior sculpt

Tuesday – 5 Miles

Not much to report here aside from a lot of wind.

Wednesday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt 

I went with the 45 minute Warrior Sculpt workout today — I love this workout so much!

lifetime warrior sculpt

Thursday – One Hour Walk

Nice morning, not in the mood to run. A walk was perfect. Later in the day, we also went for a walk in Long Beach on the boardwalk.

Long Beach boardwalk

Friday – 7 Miles

A good run in the morning and an afternoon walk at the boardwalk at Sunken Meadow. This boardwalk is on the north shore of the Long Island on the Long Island Sound, not on the ocean like the south-facing beaches.

sunken meadow boardwalk

Saturday – One Hour Walk/30 Min Pure Barre

Dreary weather today. It wasn’t raining first thing in the morning so I went for a walk outside and then chose a 30 minute Pure Barre workout.

Time for our weekly Pure Barre GO update! Although not one part of the Pure Barre GO menu has been fixed or improved, I am happy to report that my blog posts have helped other Pure Barre On Demand users trying to understand the switch to Pure Barre GO. You can check out the comments on my workout recap post from last week to see what other Pure Barre users have been saying and experiencing. It’s still a shame that Pure Barre lacks the support and technology they need to ensure quality user experience.

The current Pure Barre GO problems are most definitely tarnishing their brand in the eyes of many Pure Barre users. I definitely do not view the Pure Barre brand as I once did but I do still enjoy Pure Barre workouts. I do find value in the non-impact isometric exercises associated with Pure Barre and feel the need to continue barre as part of my workout routine. At the moment, I am not canceling my Pure Barre subscription. I’m going to give it a little more time to see if they make some improvements to the Pure Barre GO menu. I’m hoping it goes back to resembling Pure Barre On Demand.

Sunday – 7 Miles

I woke up thinking that the weather would have been perfect for the 10-mile race I typically run on this day in Long Beach. It was overcast and cool, which is comfortable race weather for this time of year instead of too warm.

I ran in the morning and then later in the day, we went for a walk by the water at Wantagh Park. You can see the Jones Beach theatre and Jones Beach tower across the bay.

wantagh park

When I was a kid, I always liked Wantagh Park because you could see across the bay to my neighborhood (well, the neighborhood in which I grew up) and spot some of my friend’s houses from the back. And then when my son was little, I would take him to Wantagh Park for their fun water park and nice pools. He also loved the big water slide. Such a nice place.

wantagh park

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend. 🙂

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