Enjoyable Workouts + Update on Pure Barre GO Issues

My workouts lately have been so enjoyable and I think this is largely due to two factors. First, the weather. It’s warming up and the sun shines earlier which always makes me more eager to get up and start moving. And the second factor, and I think this plays a large role here, is my workout variety. The addition of the virtual workout options from Lifetime has made a huge difference in my routine. I really like the gravitation away from strictly choosing Pure Barre as my strength workouts, allowing myself to try other strength routines, barre workouts, and workouts that combine cardio and strength in one workout.

I’m getting better at burpees and push-ups, see a real difference in my strength and stamina for the HIIT sections, and really love Warrior Sculpt. What I also love is that I have such a variety of workouts going on that I don’t really notice how often I’m running. Like, I’m a runner first but the variety of my workouts is more important to me right now. Does that make sense? I don’t need to run every day, a certain number of days or a certain distance to be able to say if my workouts for the week were a success.

I do have an update on my ongoing Pure Barre issues for you but let’s discuss my workouts first. I’ll get to the Pure Barre update at the end of this post.

Monday – 40 Min Shred/Walk

So this 40-minute Shred workout is listed as Lifetime’s most popular strength class. This was my first time trying it. While I did like it, I actually felt that I could have used a little more of a challenge which is great. It means my ability for more challenging strength workouts is improving.

lifetime shred workout

Tuesday – 5.25 Miles

Windy, a little chilly, but sunny so it was nice.

Wednesday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt

I love Warrior Sculpt as you know! It’s so challenging, in such wonderful workout type of way. I absolutely love this workout.

lifetime warrior sculpt


Thursday – 30 Min Life Barre/Walk

I was a little sore from yesterday’s workout and didn’t really feel in the mood for running. I chose the new 30 minute Life Barre workout and really liked it. For some reason, I enjoyed it more than the 50 minute Life Barre class. The exercises in this workout were more interesting to me I guess? I don’t really know, I think it depends on the day.

life barre

Friday – 7 Miles

Wonderful weather as we look forward to the weekend! I shared my favorite summer workout gear today, here’s the post in case you missed it or want to revisit it. I definitely switched to my warm weather gear for this weekend all included in this post.

Saturday – 6 Miles

Another nice, warm morning but not too warm yet. I’m not feeling like I need time to adjust to warmer weather but I think once we hit a higher humidity, I will feel it. Maybe, or maybe not. Over the years, I find myself able to run in the warmer weather than in the bitter cold.

Sunday – 30 Min SOL Yoga/5 Mile Walk

I decided to try this SOL yoga practice. Even though yoga really isn’t my thing, I can do the basics fairly well (I do get dizzy easily easily so I always have to be careful with certain positions, cautious during twists, and forward folds which move quickly to standing upright immediately).

I definitely kept up with this yoga practice and would do it again! I then headed outside for a walk and thought I would stop at 3 miles, but then I got a phone call so I stayed outside chatting which brought me to a total of 5 miles once I was off the phone.

SOL yoga

Pure Barre Update:

Now for your weekly Pure Barre update.

I couldn’t wait to share this story with you! So you know how I’m not happy about the Pure Barre On Demand switch to Pure Barre GO. I’ve also been receiving emails and comments from readers who are feeling the same way about Pure Barre online too.

I fired off an email to Pure Barre on a whim the other day when I realized they still never replied to help me log into my account. There is still no live chat feature or contact us button on the website.

pure barre email

A little while later, a post from Pure Barre appeared in my Facebook feed. I read the comments from other people complaining about Pure Barre GO so I had to jump into the conversation. Pure Barre replied to me, telling me to direct message them.

So I did, explaining myself again.

pure barre comment

And here is the Pure Barre reply to my message.

pure barre

Then I also saw yet another Pure Barre post on Instagram with more comments about Pure Barre GO issues, so I had to comment, again. I was on a roll! Please know that it’s not like me to leave comments or engaged social media discussions that are negative but I just couldn’t help myself with this one. I work in event technology so I do feel I have some experience to speak on — we would NEVER allow our users to have an experience like what is going on with Pure Barre. We would test the technology several times and then test again before migration or launch would take place. If there was an issue like this, it would be resolved ASAP. Not to mention, customer support is a top priority for my company. Who doesn’t think to have a contact section or live chat button today?!

pure barre complaint

Wouldn’t you know, I suddenly received a response to my email from Pure Barre offering me apologies and a credit?

pure barre email

I totally appreciate the credit. What I still cannot understand is how the Pure Barre platform is still a mess. It’s missing workouts and the menu is not at all organized. Nothing has been fixed in a month. They say they are working on it for weeks but please. I know better. It’s my opinion that this is not a focus for the Pure Barre company. Otherwise, they would ensure that their tech team of developers and coders would fix the issues.

I will keep you posted should I notice that the Pure Barre GO platform is finally updated. Don’t hold your breath.


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  1. Stephanie says

    I also found your blog because of Pure Barre frustration. I was in a free trial for PBOD, and my free trial got moved to PBGO but I have NO WAY TO CANCEL so now I am being charged for a service I don’t use. And it’s showing up on my CC statement as PBOD, so I may be being charged for something that doesn’t even exist anymore! I’ve tried contacting corporate, crickets. And my local studio says that’s the only thing I can do. Beyond frustrating.

    • says

      OMG! Have you tried leaving a comment on one of their facebook posts? I found last week that they were responding to those comments. I would try that, or direct message them on Facebook. It’s really horrible, isn’t it? I can’t understand the lack of customer support or the fact that the platform doesn’t work! They haven’t done a thing to improve it in a month. It still looks a mess. This is the email address that recently corresponded with me: ondemand@purebarre.com — If that doesn’t work, I would dispute the charge on your credit card and show them samples of the emails you have tried to send to cancel. Please keep me posted!

    • Carrie says

      I’m having the EXACT same problem that Stephanie just outlined. Your blog is the only place I have been able to find information, I have to believe that more are experiencing this issue. This has really damaged the Pure Barre brand in my mind and I don’t plan on going back to this business. Shame because it was a good workout, but there are so many other options these days.

      Thank you for the information!

      • says

        I’m glad you found my blog and I agree with you! I actually don’t know other bloggers who do the workouts as often as I do, or who even have used the On Demand platform. But for sure, this has damaged the Pure Barre brand for me too! I haven’t canceled yet but I have a feeling that I will. And it is sad. I’ve using the On Demand platform for three straight years on a weekly basis! I’m learning to like other virtual workouts and actually enjoy them so maybe it is a sign to move on. What I cannot understand AT ALL is how they keep writing in comments on social media about how they are working on fixing the issues. I truly do not believe that is the case! They haven’t fixed one thing within the new platform and it’s been a month already. I may go back to using the DVD’s I bought before I used On Demand. I have four different Pure Barre DVD’s, that may have to be enough!

        • Carrie says

          Update – I called them on a phone number that was at the bottom of an email (949-346-3000), they were helpful and canceled my membership/ reversed the charge. So it seems like a common complaint. Still bummed they can’t come up with a good online option, especially during these Covid times! Maybe it’s time for that Peleton workout app….or Amazon has streaming workouts that I have been meaning to check out, free if you have Prime.

          • says

            Oh, that’s terrific! Did they seem apologetic or anything? I think the entire situation is so weird! I hear great things about the Peloton app and I’ve really been enjoying the workouts from lifetime. They have barre options but I’m scared I will miss Pure Barre workouts. I may try one of the other barre platforms? Let me know if you happen to try Barre3 or whatever the others are called. Thank you for keeping me updated!