My Favorite Summer Workout Gear (Clothes + Accessories)

I’m chatting summer workout gear today!!

As it starts to get warmer in New York, I know we will go from warm as being 55 degrees to suddenly severely hazy, hot, and humid during my morning workouts. The weather change does require me to shift my workout wardrobe and put a few other things in place to ensure I’m comfortable.

Comfort is the key for me when it comes to workout gear; I love fashion but for my early morning runs and virtual workouts from home, I do not focus on what’s trending, I focus on functionality, durability, and what fits me best.

Summer workouts cause me to sweat a whole lot more (obviously). I need to be extra comfortable and extra prepared for the bright sunshine too.

I put together my top summer workout gear and essentials recommendations for today’s Friday Favorites post in case you are looking to grab new summer workout apparel and prepare for the sunny warm season.  This is not an extensive list. I do not go overboard on workout apparel because it’s only worn for maybe an hour a day. Again, it’s about functionality and durability, not fashion when I’m sweating.

The summer workout gear I’m listing are all items I use so if you have any questions about any of the products, definitely let me know.



summer workout gear

I do my best to limit sun exposure when running by running early, wearing sunscreen, and covering up a little more if I will be outdoors for more than 45 minutes. For my longer morning runs in the summer, or if I will be running later in the morning than usual, I always wear the Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve from lululemon. This top is comfortable, functional, and durable while keeping my upper body (shoulders, upper arms, neck, and back) more covered than if I wore a tank top.

That being said, there are a few tank tops I do like for my summer workouts. The Cool Racerback II  from lululemon is a favorite of mine as is buying a few of the GapFit Breathe Heathered Tanks.

GapFit is great if you ask me. The price is always right and the workout apparel meets all of my expectations.

Another great tank top, which I like to wear when not running (so for walking, Pure Barre, and other indoor virtual workouts) is the Power Y Tank. It’s really comfortable, washes well, and the shelf bra works for me. I don’t need a sports bra with this tank top.

Let’s talk about running shorts for a minute. I think workout shorts are a personal choice in terms of how they fit. I don’t necessarily love running in shorts. While I do like the Track That Short 5″ from lululemon, I also have no problem running in the summer while wearing running capris instead.

So something often overlooked is the underwear worn while running. Especially for summer workouts, I find I do need sweat-wicking underwear and really like the Mula Bandhawear Bikini 3-Pack from lululemon. Trust me, there’s a difference when you wear underwear made for workouts.

Summer Workout Accessories

I never run without a Sunvisor in the summer. Actually even around now, I start wearing the lululemon Sunvisor I bought years ago to avoid the extra sunlight on my face and in my eyes while running. The Fast-Paced Visor lululemon has in stock now is well-priced and will totally last you several seasons.

Please don’t run without sunscreen! I swear by SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense Sheer SPF 50 and never leave in the morning without putting it on first. Even for those early morning runs, if the sun is out, you need to wear sunscreen.

And while you should always be sure to stay hydrated, this time of year requires more attention. How much do you love this Glitter Bomb Water Bottle? I want to take it everywhere.

I designed a few workout-inspired Stoney Clover pouches for holding workout essentials. Things like sunscreen, hair ties, gels, hairbrush, lip balm, tampons, snacks…you name it, put it in the pouch. Whenever I run on the boardwalk in the summer, I always take my summer workout gear along with me so a pouch from Stoney Clover is perfect. Plus, it’s pretty and can be used for other things at other times too (like for travel, the gym, and home organization).

The small pouch is a perfect size. The clear travel pouch is great too, and the large pouch will hold your whole life. When the gym opens again, I would go with a large pouch (which can also hold two small pouches) for your gym bag.

Stoney Clover pouches for workouts

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