Not A Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition Recap

It’s a little upsetting that I can’t write one of my traditional Mother’s Day breakfast recap posts. I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s workout recap that our breakfast didn’t happen.

I did think ahead to call Premier Diner on Saturday to confirm their Mother’s Day breakfast menu. It’s a good thing I did that because they weren’t making the baked oatmeal or offering their breakfast specials.

On Mother’s Day, we tried for the takeout option from Maureen’s Kitchen but we couldn’t get through by phone. We tried taking a drive there to order in person but when we arrived, they said they weren’t taking any more orders for the day.


I was okay with this. Really, I was. I mean, it was upsetting but it’s really not a huge deal in comparison to real problems during this pandemics, you know?

My son tried to suggest basic pancakes or something from another place but I said no. I like what I like. I don’t need random pancakes or plates of challah french toast just because. And to stop for bagels was silly since we already had fresh bagels in the house. It was easy enough to just go home. Not to mention, it’s not like we were able to just walk in on a whim to eat somewhere else. It’s a process to do ANYTHING right now. You have to decide in advance where you want to do take out from, find the phone number and online menu, try to place the order over the phone or on the website, then go to wait outside for pick up. It just wasn’t worth the process to me at that point.

Don’t even get me started on what went on during our attempt to pick up Mother’s Day dinner. Here’s a picture of the organized chaos by the mall where The Cheesecake Factory and PF Chang’s are located. I realize this is completely hard on everyone – patrons and restaurant workers. It’s just a crummy situation and we are all trying to make the best of it. At least I have my blog as an outlet for venting my frustrations in a way that may resonate with someone else, or at the very least, make you laugh. I always keep things light and find the humor but the food situation on Sunday had me almost in tears by dinner when I saw this parking lot.

trying to get takeout

Anyway, after stopping by my parents during the day to give my mom her Mother’s Day present (more on that in a minute), we did go for ice cream at Marvel as I mentioned yesterday. It was nice to take a ride down to the beach and even nicer because my son drove so I was able to look at some scenery. He’s getting really good with the driving thing. If anything positive has come out of this quarantine, it has been the ability to take my son driving every day without much traffic. It has really helped his driving skills (and my patience/fear level).

If you look closely and zoom in to the left of the photo, you can see the New York City skyline. It’s always cool to me when you can spot the city from random places on Long Island.

Lido Beach

Here’s my cup of vanilla and chocolate swirl again with the chocolate sprinkles. This was my order of choice mainly because a simple cup of ice cream with sprinkles is a happy item to order. Something is upsetting (like the Mother’s Day breakfast situation) = fix it with sprinkles.

marvel ice cream

So getting back to what I got my mom (and myself) for Mother’s Day. I usually get my mom flowers for Mother’s Day because she loves Peonies. This year, I decided we both needed a new Stoney Clover pouch. I’ll always find a reason for a new pouch!  

The Stoney Clover pouch obsession is real. I love that you can use the customizer tool on the website to test out colors, pouches, and patch combinations.

stoney clover clear pouch in sky with glitter heart

The clear Stoney Clover travel pouch is a perfect addition to our collection. The quality of Stoney Clover pouches and products is incredible and the size can be used for so many things. The pouches make the best gifts too! You just can’t go wrong.

Usually, I go pink but the sky color from Stoney Clover has been calling my name for a while so I ordered the sky travel pouch for myself with sky glitter heart patch. I’m already busy designing my next Stoney Clover pouch and patch combination. Stoney Clover just launched their new tropical collection and I want them all. The colors make me so happy!

stoney clover clear pouch

My mom loves purple more thank pink so this travel pouch is the one I designed for her, in the grape color.

stoney clover clear travel pouch

I really wanted the clear travel pouch at the moment because I knew it would be perfect for holding all of my newly purchased manicure tools and nail polishes since I’m still stuck home doing my own nails for the near future. It makes me happy to use this pouch when doing my nails.

stoney clover pouch

Did you catch my Instagram story yesterday?


Harsh? More like honest. Keep it to yourself. Really. We don’t want to hear it unless we ask about it.

However, even though I told Heather to keep it to herself as well, I also told her to please call me before and after her first hair salon appointment yesterday so I could hear how it went.

I’ll be back tomorrow with recent meals including the dinner we finally had on Mother’s Day.


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