Workouts From Week (Pure Barre Workouts + Running Recap)

Before I get to my workout recap, I have just a quick little note here about the online Pure Barre workouts.

I started my week with an En Barre workout, which is a barre workout from Lifetime, but I did finally do a Pure Barre workout again later in the week. This means I was, in fact, able to log into the Pure Barre website. As I’ve mentioned, logging into Pure Barre Go (formerly Pure Barre On Demand) has been a real issue. I still think it is, depending on the day. And the online Pure Barre workout menu is still unorganized and missing several workouts that should be listed.

I know I’m not the only having Pure Barre issues right now because I see the keyword searches from other people questioning what happened to Pure Barre landing them here on my blog for some answers. I wish I had an explanation to give you!

So like, I do still love Pure Barre workouts. I still find value in barre workouts and feel the need to incorporate it into my routine. I love Pure Barre because it’s such a highly effective, non-impact, and a full-body workout all at the same time without raising my heart rate. At this point, I’m not giving up my online Pure Barre workout subscription. I’m going to keep going with it, hoping they make some changes to the new Pure Barre GO. Although let’s be real here. The Pure Barre customer support is basically missing so I doubt they are taking user issues into account because they don’t seem to want to hear it.

Monday – 30 Min En Barre/45 Min Walk

I enjoy this variation of barre in comparison to Pure Barre. It’s still a barre workout but in a different format for the exercises. This barre workout also gets my heart rate up more than Pure Barre. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes, I appreciate barre for the nonimpact way it works me without raising my heart rate.

en barre

Tuesday – 6 Miles

This run is now a blur but I know it happened!

Wednesday – 45 Min Pure Barre/Walk

Today was my first longer Pure Barre workout in quite some time and the first time trying one of the newly added Pure Barre workouts in the Pure Barre GO menu.

pure barre go

The newer Pure Barre workouts followed the usual Pure Barre workout format. The only difference is that there is only one instructor in the video. Usually, they have a lead instructor with two other people or it’s a full Pure Barre studio class.

Thursday – 5 Miles

For today’s run, I increased my effort during the 3 middle miles so it looked like this:

1-mile warm-up +3 miles increased effort + 1 mile easy

Friday – 5 Miles

Um, I don’t remember much here and didn’t write anything down beyond running 5 miles.

Saturday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt

It was SO COLD AND WINDY this morning (and really, all day including snowflakes!) so I opted for an indoor morning workout. I did a Warrior Sculpt workout which is one of my favorites these days. Instead of the 45 minute Warrior Sculpt, I did the 30-minute version, thinking maybe I would add another type of 30-minute workout after I was finished. Yeah, no — this 30 minute Warrior Sculpt is killer enough!

lifetime warrior sculpt

Sunday – 6 Miles

Mother’s Day is a little different this year as we can’t dine out anywhere for our early morning Mother’s Day breakfast tradition. I was able to go for a run before we tried to pick up breakfast. Things didn’t go as planned though. We found out on Saturday that Premier Diner wasn’t going to have their breakfast specials or my baked oatmeal. And then, Maureen’s Kitchen stopped taking breakfast orders…so no special breakfast thing morning because anything else would have just been whatever to me. Pick another Diner? Not interested. Stop for a bagel? We already have fresh bagels in the house. Hopefully next year we can dine out as usual for Mother’s Day. 

We did have ice cream from Marvel though later in the day which made me happy.

marvel ice cream

I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day. Have a great week! Let’s hope for some nice weather!

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  1. MFL says

    Yes I am very much missing the On Demand. PureBarre as the workouts were much more challenging. Now I feel as if I need to do a couple classes to get the same and/or wasting time surfing for something else – which is very time consuming.
    I miss the 60 min.

    • says

      Wait – are the 60 minute workouts missing completely? I thought I spotted one but not the old-time terrific ones — why did they remove workouts from the menu?! I swear, I do not understand at all why they didn’t just migrate the entire framework of the on demand layout. I may email but I know they won’t reply. Have you contacted them?