Friday Favorites (Always Loved Tie-Dye + Fashion Finds)

Happy Friday! I’m excited for the weekend as we have our Mother’s Day breakfast to look forward to on Sunday. And, I don’t see a sign of rain after today, either. It won’t be too warm but that’s fine, so long as the sun comes out.

In honor of Mother’s Day and Friday Favorites, let’s look once again at one of my favorite pictures with my little boy. Is it any surprise that his first birthday outfit was tie-dye? I dressed the kid in tie-dye for as long as I could. I would still dress him in tie-dye at the age of 16 if he let me. This blue Flapdoodles tie-dye sweatsuit was my most favorite outfit of his from when he was little.

This picture is currently the lock screen photo on my phone.


These days, when I am busy yelling at my son for something ridiculous, he likes to grab my phone to show me this picture as a way to distract me. But look, it’s your little boy! Tell me again about my blue tie-dye outfit and little shoes! He knows how to get me to change my tune every time.

I’m also thinking back to one of my favorite posts that I’ve written which revolves around how I DID NOT WORKOUT as a new mom. It’s not discussed often enough that it’s OKAY TO NOT HAVE A WORKOUT ROUTINE during those early months (even years) of your children’s lives. Like, it’s fine and great if it works for you but there was no way it was going to work for me and it was honestly all okay. As I explain in detail in the post, I didn’t want a treadmill in my house, didn’t want to think about a workout routine, and was more active on a regular basis back then chasing him and pushing him around in a stroller than any other time in my life.

Earlier this week I spoke about being a routine person. It’s okay if that routine changes, and evolves, or even ends up on hold. I knew I was a routine person, I also knew that I would return to a formal workout routine once my son was a little older. I went right back to a workout routine when he started preschool. I wouldn’t change that decision for the world. We had a different morning routine that didn’t involve formal exercise for me but certainly kept us busy and active!

Please note once again in the below picture from my son’s second birthday party at Gymboree, his shirt was in fact tie-dye.

it's okay to not workout as a new mom

Speaking of tie-dye, some fashion finds today!

It’s about that time for swimsuits (well, almost – not yet in New York, but almost).

I like this Aqua Tie-Dyed Triangle Bikini Top & Tie-Dyed String Bikini Bottom.

And I like this tie-dye bikini. It’s like a white and berry mix of color and also has a matching sarong.

Here’s another Tie-Dye Bandeau Bikini Top with matching bottom! It goes with this long sarong. Tie-dye is trending big in swimwear this season.

Oh wait, I once wrote a great post (if I do say so myself) about shopping for swimsuits. It shouldn’t be a struggle. Here’s my opinion on shopping for swimsuits and how I approach it.

Beyond tie-dye…

I love the Aqua loungewear sets because they can totally be worn out of the house too. This Love is Love set is perfect in the white with red and I also like this variation in the white with black.

Shout out to Splendid once again, especially for this V-neck tee and the classic tank. I just got the V-neck in the lavender and it’s so pretty. I do roll the sleeves a little but that’s because I’m petite. Speaking of petite, the tank is available in XXS and although I don’t like to speak sizes, I’m mentioning this because it fits me so well on top in terms of strap length and under the arms. It’s really hard for me to find perfect-fitting tank tops with straps that don’t slide and don’t buckle under the arm. This tank in this size is perfect!

Splendid is running 30% off this weekend with code TREAT and oh gosh, they have new tie-dye joggers in stock. I love that they are thermal material too.

And a few more odds and ends before I end this post:

Love bead bracelets right now!

Look at these Ombre Rhinestone Bobby Pins and Heart Rhinestone Hair Clips!

Want these glitter makeup brushes.

Have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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