Friday Favorites (Fitness + Food + Fashion Favorites from Week)

I’m ready for the weekend, if for no other reason than the weather. They tell me that the sun will be out tomorrow!

Some favorites from the week…

Favorite Fitness:

I really enjoyed my runs earlier this week! My plan was to run again yesterday and then again tomorrow (avoiding the heavy rain this morning) although I didn’t run yesterday because it was raining. No one told me in advance that it was supposed to rain yesterday morning too! Enough with the rain already. Geez.

Anyway, I rotated my running shoes earlier this week and my feet liked running faster again in the Launch. Sometimes I get so used to the Ghost that I don’t want to switch and then sometimes, my feet appreciate the change. Or maybe it was the new socks. I ordered new socks from the Gap so things felt extra nice and comfortable. It’s supposed to be warmer and SUNNY tomorrow so I’m looking forward to getting outside to run first thing in the morning for sure.

brooks launch

Favorite Food:

We took out from The Cheesecake Factory Wednesday night for dinner as a weekday change of pace. My salad (the bbq ranch salad without chicken) made me really happy. It’s the little things in life right now that are just so necessary for boosting the mood. Sure, they say food shouldn’t be used to meet emotional needs but whoever came up with that line of thinking likely hadn’t experienced a global pandemic.

bbq ranch salad

Favorite Fashion:

Tie-dye has been my favorite since I’m a kid (which you already know by now since I’ve said it so many times) so it’s really nice to see it continue to trend in a big way. I wore my tie-dye sweatpants the other day which definitely brightened another rainy day in New York. Have I mentioned all it does is rain or look like it’s going to rain this spring? Because it’s true. It’s sunny every five days if we are lucky.

tie dye

So Target is doing 30% off women’s clothing and accessories online only for the next three days. I’ve shared some Target finds recently but let’s add these High Rise Tie-Dye Shorts and this Tie-Dye Tank Top to the Target list.

In other fashion news, I adore this J.Crew Vintage Cotton T-shirt with stars and the Mother’s Day hearts T-shirt too.

While I already have these sweet flip flops with the bow in gold, I want them in the white.

I love this Tie-Dye Convertible Cover-Up Dress, this Tie-Dye Strapless Cover-Up Minidress, and I MUST get this Smocked Cover-Up Dress! Is it tie-dye or ombre or a little bit of both? Either way, it’s totally me. All three of these cover-up dresses are totally me.

Maybe my next pair of Golden Goose will be this pair?

Just for reference, if you want to quickly find a fashion or beauty link I’ve shared recently, all links to my favorites will populate in the top menu bar where it says SHOP. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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