Recent Meals (Oatmeal In Bed + Simple Dinners + Toasted Bagels)

I never eat in my bed nor do I ever work from my bed.

However, last Friday morning after starting to feel better from being sick from my period, I made some exceptions.

I wanted to get a few things done for work so I brought my computer into my bed. I also needed to eat a little something so I brought a really simple bowl of plain oatmeal with peanut butter into my room. Normally, I add blueberries and cinnamon to my oatmeal but this particular day needed to be on the plain side. It wasn’t long before I moved out of my room and on to the couch. I just can’t work from bed!


It was time for our weekly trip for curbside pick up from La Piazza. I definitely need my whole wheat margarita slice from Mario’s but we have been on a La Piazza kick lately. It has a lot to do with the chopped salads – I like to get two salads which are big enough to give me four meals.

la piazza

Grandma pizza with salad is always a great dinner idea.

pizza and salad

One night after picking up fresh bagels in the afternoon, I was craving a toasted bagel with vegetable cream cheese so that is exactly what I ate for dinner. Depending upon who you speak to, it can be against bagel rules to toast a fresh bagel. But I wanted my bagel toasted, so let’s not tell anyone else.

whole wheat bagel vegetable cream cheese

I had the below salad for lunch while watching Fauda. I’m obsessed with watching Fauda and honestly not sure how I managed to eat my salad while watching an episode. It’s WAY intense. But I love the show, possibly more than Homeland. Did you see the Homeland series finale?

Anyway, this salad used half of a La Piazza house salad plus extra tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, and a lentils/quinoa mix that I cooked together. Assuming I added avocado too.


For dinner one night, I baked a potato and topped it with guacamole along with a salad. So simple and delicious. When I ate this, I decided that this should be dinner on the nights I don’t eat pizza. It’s just so simple. I like simple dinners. Why do people always have to over-complicate things? I ask myself this question quite often and not just about food. About everything. 

salad with baked potato

I’m working my way through this pan of roasted broccoli and cauliflower as we speak. It should last me several days in comparison to the past when I would eat it pretty quickly. I try to be gentle on my stomach with the roasted vegetables so less at a time works much better for me. Fresh vegetables are not really my thing. I just have them in the house more than usual because I can’t get my hands on the frozen vegetables I like to stock in the freezer. I have a few bags of frozen vegetables on reserve in the freezer but I don’t want to touch them. That’s just life right now, afraid to eat the food that is hard to get at the moment.

roasted vegetables


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