Love For Lifetime Workouts + Pure Barre GO Issues (workout recap)

We need to discuss a few things before recapping my workouts from last week.

Running: My mood for running returned yet I still only ran two days this past week. It really had more to do with the weather than anything else. I ran on Monday and then not again until Saturday. While I could have run Tuesday, I honestly didn’t feel like running two days in a row. The rest of the week’s weather was not great which affected my ability to run on the other days — but whatever. Some weeks are like this and it’s fine.

Lifetime Workouts: The workout options from Lifetime are REALLY becoming my favorite. On days I don’t run, picking a workout from Lifetime has become my thing, in place of Pure Barre.

Which leads us to Pure Barre. WHAT A MESS.

Pure Barre GO: Ok. So. I’ve said this in the past about Pure Barre On Demand. While I love Pure Barre On Demand, should I encounter an issue with the Pure Barre online platform, the customer support is a disaster because it’s basically non-existent.

I KNEW there would be an issue with the transition of Pure Barre On Demand over to Pure Barre GO. I KNEW IT. This is why I reached out to them prior to the switch to cover my bases. But of course, they didn’t reply to me. And of course, I had an issue logging into my Pure Barre account once Pure Barre On Demand became Pure Barre GO. It took several emails and hitting them up by Instagram message to get a reply with a link to recover my account. Like, why wasn’t that link sent to me initially as it was obvious that link was needed to give me access to the new platform?

And regarding the multiple emails that I sent? Four days later I finally received an email asking me a question. I replied to their question and never heard back. They did not assist me or apologize for their lack of customer support.

This infuriates me. If you are going to have an online platform, online support IS A MUST. How about live chat like everyone else? I just cannot grasp their lack of ability to understand this or why they can’t seem to implement procedures to ensure their members are taken care of adequately.

Right now, I can sometimes log in to the new Pure Barre GO, and sometimes, it still tells me I have the wrong password. From what I see thus far, the Pure Barre workout menu is unorganized and missing workouts. Why didn’t they just migrate Pure Barre On Demand over to the Pure Barre Go platform using the same nicely organized format? Maybe they will still fix things?

All of this combined with my love for different workouts from Lifetime may lead me to move on from Pure Barre. I still have four Pure Barre DVD’s from the earlier years which I can still use should I want a Pure Barre workout. We will see. I’m not making any decisions yet but I’m also not going to pay for a platform that leaves me unsupported.

pure barre dvd

flashback photo!

Am I being harsh? I don’t think so at all. I’ve been very honest and very quick to write about my love for Pure Barre over the last six years but I’m not about to pretend to my readers that all is wonderful with Pure Barre online when there is no customer support. I don’t want any of you to read my posts and sign up for the platform only to be disappointed by the very same issues I’ve encountered. I want you to know about it so you can make your workout decisions wisely.

Monday – 5 Miles

And just like that, I ran 5 miles. I woke up and felt like a run which was the complete opposite of my mood yesterday, or really most of last week.

Tuesday – 50 Min Life Barre

I didn’t feel like running today although weather-wise today would have been the day rather than tomorrow (freeze warning or something for the morning). Ah well. I went with the Life Barre workout I tried last week. I really like it.

life barre

Wednesday – 45 min Xtreme

Well if I ever thought I can’t sweat my hair the same as when running when doing a workout in the house, I was wrong. This workout was nicely intense in a great way, a total mix of cardio and strength.


Thursday – 30 Min Strong 30

So it was really cold out this morning and my legs were sore from yesterday’s workout. I wanted to do something so I chose the Strong 30 workout. It was a nice way to move around and get a cardio workout done without needing to run.

strong 30

Friday – Off

I was sick this morning but not actually sick, it was from severe menstrual cramps which made it look like a stomach virus for a few hours there. I do not get cramps like this often at all anymore but I did as a kid which haunts me every month with fear that maybe this month will be the month that pain like that (along with the throwing up and sometimes fainting) will return. Two out of the three happened this time (not fainting thank goodness). I felt dead for the rest of the day. I’m glad it rained today – didn’t miss anything!

Saturday – 7 Miles

It was so nice to get outside today, especially after yesterday. I felt fine and the sun was shining — couldn’t be more perfect. By 7 miles,  a part of me wanted to keep going but decided against it for no real reason other than just deciding 7 was enough.

Sunday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt

This was a newly added Warrior Sculpt workout and boy was it a good one. I’m so impressed by how intense these workouts can be and how much I sweat (and hear myself breathing).

warrior sculpt

Once again, the weather is a real mix of rain, colder spring temps, and some sun for this week. I’m hoping to get outside to run and especially to walk during the day. Those walks during the day are so essential right now when there is nowhere else to go!

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