Best Pizza From New York and Beyond

A while back I mentioned that I was starting my own little New York City Pizza Tour. Well, obviously our ability to get to the pizza places and restaurants for the tour was put on hold and will likely be on hold for quite some time.

We only made it to one pizza place on our list (Koronet Pizza) prior to the virus pandemic. I mentioned it on Instagram.

pizza tour


So while I can’t continue to share updates from the pizza tour still waiting to happen, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the great pizza experiences from my travels over the years of this blog.

For the purposes of this post, I’m leaving out my usual slices of pizza and aiming for a wider variety of pizza experiences that I’ve had through the years. There will be a few mentions of pizza from New York but overall, I want to look back at my favorite pizza from other areas. Sure, I’m a sheltered New Yorker who will always say that New York pizza is the best, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like pizza from outside of New York. It is possible to find good pizza in other areas — you just gotta look at it as a different pizza experience, rather than compare it to New York pizza.

Las Vegas

Let’s start with the pizza in Las Vegas. I loved the pizza at the buffet at The Aria where I stayed in 2018. I loved it so much that I had slices of the pizza at the buffet a couple of times while there. There was another incredible slice of pizza that I had late one night from another pizza spot in Las Vegas. While I do not have a picture of that slice, I remember it had mushrooms and it was so good. Each slice I tried in Las Vegas was just so delicious. I remember it so clearly. You can read about the rest of what I ate in Las Vegas here.

aria buffet

New York

Okay so this is a margarita pizza from here in New York but how can I pass up sharing it, doesn’t it look so incredible?! I love the margarita pizza at Cipollini.

margarita pizza


Who doesn’t love Chicago’s deep-dish pizza? Gino’s East has been a favorite of mine since I’m a kid. Deep dish pizza is a pizza style all to its own, not to be compared to New York-style by the slice pizza.

I was in Chicago a few years ago and couldn’t wait to get some pizza at Gino’s East while in town. YUM. Read more about what I ate in Chicago in this post which also included pizza at Pizzeria UNO!

!gino's east pizza

gino's east pizza


I remember devouring this pizza for dinner at Upland while in Miami for Heather’s birthday. While Heather and I had the conversation last summer when she was here in New York regarding how much she misses New York pizza since moving down to Florida, this margarita pizza was certainly tasty. Read more of what I ate while in Miami in this post.


New York

If you find yourself in Chelsea Market, you will see that you have a lot of food options to choose from. I, of course, will tell you to go with a slice of Sicilian pizza.



I may be a Yankees fan but I’m always happy to take my son to see the Mets play because I LOVE the pizza at Citifield. My usual routine is to walk through the gates at Citifield field and head straight for the margarita pizza. 🙂

margherita pizza


I love going to hockey games in Boston because HELLO look at the pizza they have at TD Garden!

The pizza from Sal’s Pizza is gigantic and OMG is it good! Read the rest of what I ate the last time we were in Boston in this post


sals pizza

Disney World

How can I leave out the pizza from our trips to Disney World?! My son and I head down to Disney basically every other December break. The margarita pizza at Via Napoli in Epcot is definitely a favorite of mine. Make reservations for this restaurant next time you are in Epcot!

pizza Epcot

We always stay at the Hilton Bonnet Creek hotel which has really good margarita pizza too. Sometimes I order it as my meal and sometimes we share it as an appetizer when we dine at the hotel.


I recall having this little pizza in Hollywood Studios. It’s not the best pizza ever but it’s always a good park option.


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