It’s Good To Do Something Different (workout recap)

It’s good to do something different, just like the title of this post states.

I mentioned in Friday’s Favorites post that my mood for running really sits on a very fine line. While I don’t remember always feeling this fickle about running (like back when I ran a lot more than now), I definitely became more in touch with my mood for running when I started running less.

Without looking at the past two week’s workout recaps, I know I ran slightly more than my usual average over the last few weeks, including a 10 mile run one weekend and 8 miles last weekend. Physically I feel fine but mentally I just knew I was losing my mood for running and felt like doing something different instead.

It was time to run a little less until my real mood for running returned once again. It always does return! In the meantime, I really love doing other workouts outside of just running. Sometimes running is just so great and sometimes (like when I am not in the mood), the thought of running seems like such a repetitive motion.

The great part of running less especially right now is that I have more time to try the Lifetime virtual workouts. Gosh, am I enjoying these workouts as a total change of pace! It’s so energizing to do something different, I’m telling you. If you are running more than you actually think you want to or just feel like you need to do something different but are afraid to skip a run, I encourage you to do something different. Nothing negative will happen if you run less. If you ask me, you can only end up with positive results.

So while I’m loving the Lifetime workout options (most specifically Warrior Sculpt and Barre type workouts), Pure Barre emailed me to say the Pure Barre On Demand platform will be switching over this week to Pure Barre GO. I’ve seen mentions of Pure Barre GO for a while but never knew exactly what was up with it. It seems that Pure Barre GO will include all of the workouts from Pure Barre On Demand along with new workouts and live streams. I will let you know what I think later this week!

pure barre go


Quick note: I try to get outside for a walk (or a few walks) throughout the days when it’s not raining. Those walks are not included in my workout recap. I only include walking in my recap if they become part of my morning workout.

Monday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt

My favorite workout of the moment! I absolutely love the warrior sculpt workouts — this workout puts my balance to work while giving me a strength and cardio workout all in one. I really love workouts that focus on balance – I’ve seen major improvements in my balance abilities since starting Pure Barre years ago.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Run/30 Min Walk

I was so happy to see the sun shining after a full day of heavy rain and wind yesterday. 3 miles felt like enough but I had time so I continued for a walk.

Wednesday – 30 Min En Barre/Walk (not sure how long)

This was my second experience with the En Barre workout. The first time I did this barre workout, I wasn’t so sure how I felt about it but I’m glad I tried it again because I definitely like the routine.

en barre

Thursday – 3 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre (arms)

I didn’t necessarily feel like running but I looked ahead at forecast for the next few days and figured today might be the best option possibly until Sunday. 3 miles was enough and then I came home for a quick 10 minute Pure Barre workout which focused on arms.

Friday – 50 Min Life Barre

Well, this workout turned out to be a really pleasant surprise! I knew I was going to select a workout from Lifetime this morning but didn’t know they added this one to the menu! I’m not sure why it says in the description that we needed a weighted bar, that wasn’t the case. I just needed free weights and a ball, just like Pure Barre. This was such a great workout – a really nice mix of cardio, strength, and barre type balance exercises. I can’t wait to do this one again!

life barre

Saturday – 50 Min Warrior Sculpt

A rainy morning gave me every reason to try the new longer Warrior Sculpt workout from Lifetime. I truly loved it! And oh, I’m a bit sore for sure.

Sunday – 30 Min Yoga/One Hour Walk

I could have run today. It was sunny with a bit of a wind but I really didn’t feel like it. I opted for a 30 minute Yoga practice (not totally my speed, I prefer the Warrior Sculpt) and then went for a walk.


I’m not totally sure if I feel like running yet for this week but that can change in an instant. In the meantime, I have a list of Lifetime workouts I want to do and can’t wait to see Pure Barre Go. Have a great week!

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