Friday Faves (Fitness + Food + Fashion Finds)


It’s Friday already, did the week seem to go fast for you too? I mean, the days do all seem to blend together since March yet it does feel like it was just Sunday. And now it’s Friday. I’m kinda looking forward to watching Netflix this weekend. I’m not a huge Netflix person (at all) but I do have more time now on the weekends for TV and I’m just a little obsessed with Fauda. I can’t wait to watch several episodes tomorrow.

Anyway, I have a quick post for today with some favorites to report!

Favorite Fitness:

Recently I said that I really like the Warrior Sculpt workouts from Lifetime’s virtual menu. I haven’t had a lot of running desire this week, which I totally knew was brewing by last weekend. I mentally sit on a fine line with my interest in running. My interest goes from so there, to so totally not there like the flip of a switch. I did run twice this week (3 miles for each run) but I can’t call either of those runs a favorite. They were both pretty basic and boring.

My favorite workout was definitely the Warrior Sculpt again!

lifetime warrior sculpt

Former Favorite Food:

Remember in Wednesday’s post when I shared a bunch of recipe using bananas from past years on the blog?

Um, hi, I CANNOT BELIEVE that I forgot to discuss the three-ingredient pancake. How did I forget about this recipe?! While I don’t eat the three-ingredient pancake these days, I lived on it for breakfast for quite a while there. It’s so good, especially cooked with blueberries and topped with peanut butter.

three ingredient pancake

Favorite Fashion Finds:

If I look at the positive side of my son not having to get up early to leave for school, I have more time for myself to browse my favorite websites which means I have more time to find favorite fashion finds to share with you. 🙂

I’m a sucker for bead bracelets which I mentioned recently. Take a look at this bead bracelet stack from Target and this one too!

I also like this colorful bead bracelet set from J.Crew.

Also from Target, this tie-dye sweatshirt with matching tie-dye shorts. I’m seeing a lot of matching tie-dye outfits trending right now, just like when I was a kid. I shared more Target tie-dye finds in this post.

Oh hey, guess who found red heart slides for summer? I like these glitter flip flops for real cheap too.

The laces on these sneakers!!

Shopbop added a ton of items to their sale including these bags that I love (some of which I have even shared fairly recently):

Can’t decide between The Andi Tote and The Joyrider Tote.They both have stars and I really like stars.

This Giant Pocket Denim Tote seems like something I should own.

Pom Handheld Tote – LOVE this bag for summer!

Pretty hot pink with a dip dye effect long cardigan.

Good sale deal here for this 3 pack of V neck tees.

Don’t forget the Sephora Spring Savings Sale begins today for Rouge level! Here are my top Sephora picks which I shared yesterday in case you start shopping the sale. Have a good weekend!

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