Meals On Repeat + Not Good At Stockpiling Anything But Pizza


It may actually be a good thing that I like to eat versions of the same meals every day, given how darn hard it is to go grocery shopping. My goodness. Forget the fear of getting sick for purposes of this post; it’s more the lines outside to get into the store and then getting in to not find what you want. Let alone, running in and out so fast while trying not to breathe or touch anything while in the store.

So anyway. My meals are on repeat more than ever before along with fear in the back of my mind that I may run out of a chocolate chip or the frozen blueberries for my oatmeal. Or even maybe worse, a fear that I might eat too much lettuce or tomato at a time which could affect how quickly I’m out of salad ingredients.

Extreme couponers are laughing at us now. Their stockpiles are proving more valuable than ever although if you eat fresh fruits and vegetable diet like I mainly do (aside from my frozen blueberries and bags of frozen vegetables), it’s not so easy to stockpile.

Moving on from my complaining to what I’ve been eating.

This is a rather dark picture (not sure why) but I was eating my salad while on a video conference call. I wanted to share this image because I’m all excited that my event company, Allseated, is launching a video conferencing tool that allows you to see each other and speak all right there (like a Zoom if you will) within your event floorplan. So, if you are planning your wedding and designing the floorplan and seating, you can video conference chat within the layout (how real does the venue look?!) and make all your changes right then and there. It’s so super cool.

My salad was good too. It was a typical salad for me with feta cheese as the highlight because I forgot I still had some left! Finding the feta in the fridge was a wonderful moment — it’s the little things right now, ok?


Another salad combo I have on repeat lately is this one. Lettuce, tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, chickpeas, avocado, and a honey mustard dressing I grabbed while running through one of the grocery stores recently. If I was a smart food stockpile type of person, I would have taken three bottles of the dressing. Or five bottles. Instead, I bought one. I am not good at this.


The other night we picked up pizza for dinner including an extra pie to freeze. I am good at stockpiling pizza.


We bought a few slices of my favorite whole wheat margarita pizza too so I had that for dinner two nights in a row. No complaints here.

Night one pizza and salad…

whole wheat margarita pizza and salad

Night two pizza and salad…

pizza and salad

And so I don’t eat pizza literally every single night, I forced myself to make something else. The something else became roasted potatoes and carrots with steam fresh vegetables and mashed chickpeas with avocado. We can make it sound fancier than it looks by calling my dinner a power bowl.

power bowl

Yesterday I decided to make a pot of lentils and quinoa to add to my salads in an effort to save my chickpeas. However, I am now out of quinoa. I swear, quinoa lasts in my pantry FOREVER until now during a pandemic. Add it to my list of items I need should I ever get to a grocery store.


Oh, and now I’m out of my Banza pasta too. I decided to use up the rest last night along with frozen broccoli, carrots, and some of the lentils and quinoa all mixed together with tomato sauce.

banza pasta

Passover begins tonight and I have no matzoh in the house. Or chocolate-covered macaroons. I gotta do something about that.

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