Fun With Virtual workouts + 10 Mile Run (weekly workout recap)

A few notes before recapping my week in workouts:

I’m thoroughly enjoying access to the Lifetime virtual workouts. While I didn’t need to make changes to my workout routine during the pandemic, it’s been so much fun and definitely refreshing to switch things up. I’m loving the options and even the soreness that comes with different workout routines. By today I am no longer sore but earlier in the week? I felt it every time I went to sit down.

I ran 10 miles on Saturday! First time in almost a year! Will it become a routine thing? I doubt it, but it’s nice to know I can still run long distances if I want to at any given time. 

I saw this chalk message while running and I liked it.

As I’ve mentioned in recent workout recaps, I am not including the walks I take throughout the day. I can’t keep track of that and don’t find it necessary beyond saying I do go for walks during the day for various lengths of time ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes at a time. Really depends on the day, the weather, work, and my mood for walking.

Monday – 5 Mile Run

Tuesday – 45 Min Walk/10 Min Kickboxing


Wednesday – 30 Min Run

Thursday – 30 Min Mixx/30 Min En Barre (Lifetime Virtual Workouts)

This was fun! I’m really enjoying trying all of the Lifetime virtual workouts so I chose Mixx which was a fun cardio workout and then figured I would try the barre class.

lifetime virtual workout mixx

I liked the barre routine but definitely prefer Pure Barre. It was definitely nice to mix things up though. I would really need to do En Barre again before truly comparing to Pure Barre but my first and brief comparison would be that Pure Barre combines yoga and pilates with barre and the focus on isometric movements throughout the routine. I can’t say more than this because again, this was only my first En Barre workout. It’s hard to grasp the nature of the routine with only one try.


en barre

Friday – 45 Min Warrior Sculpt

Warrior Sculpt. which I did twice last week, is totally becoming a favorite workout for me. I just love it.

warrior sculpt

Saturday – 10 Miles

I’m almost positive that this was my first 10-mile run since I ran a 10-mile race last May! I’m not totally sure what inspired me to wake up and run 10 miles today. I guess it was the fact that the weather was perfect for running (overcast and around 50 degrees) combined with having nothing else to do that would require my energy for the rest of the day. So why not, right?

I always say running is mostly mental so to make the distance mentally easier since it’s not what I normally do anymore, I decided to look at the run like this:

5 miles easy + 4 miles increased effort + 1 mile cool down.

It’s always nice to know that I can run longer than normal when I want to do so. I felt great and could have kept going but 10 miles is definitely it for me in terms of the long run. It’s enough. I don’t think I’ve run more than 10 since December 2017 and I do not see that changing.

Sunday – 30 Min Fire/20 Min Pilates

I definitely prefer the Warrior Sculpt yoga to this Fire one but I’m glad I gave it a try. Also, the Pilates routine was a lot like what I do in Pure Barre so I was more than capable and definitely liked the quick workout.

fire yoga pilates

I took a look at the weather for this week and it should only rain as of now on Wednesday. My plan will be to run outside when I can/feel like it while combining more of the Lifetime virtual workouts and bringing Pure Barre back too. I want to try the Zumba workout and also do kickboxing again, but I also feel the need for a little Pure Barre this week. We shall see.

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