Recent Meals + Current Food Shopping Approach

How are we all doing? I hope feeling well? I mean, that’s what really matters.

What doesn’t really matter, but is definitely super annoying, is plotting my food shopping approach. I’ve decided to give up on Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for now. First, the main Trader Joe’s I go to was closed for a few days because a worker had the virus. But even with the other locations open and the option to go to Whole Foods, I just can’t with waiting on the line outside to then get in at some point to see that what I’m looking for isn’t even left. It’s just not worth it.

Instead, we’ve been placing orders from Iavarone for pick up and/or delivery and I fill in once a week from Target. I go in the morning when fewer people are at the store and hope for the best.

Oh, and of course, we fill in with taking out for dinner.

We picked up from The Cheesecake Factory again over the weekend. They screwed up my salad (I have no idea what they created but it included chicken and cashews which needed to be removed) and we ordered an appetizer pizza. I dumped my salad into one of my bowls because I’m trying to get rid of the take out containers as fast as possible. You know, to be super sanitary. I’m so not an alarmist or germaphobe so it’s not overly easy for me to start acting neurotic but I’m trying to be, a little bit.

Cheesecake Factory takeout

Pizza and a salad is truly the one meal I could eat every single night for dinner and not get tired of the combination. I pulled some grandma slices out of the freezer one night and had it with a salad.

pizza and salad

And then another night, I had regular pizza from the freezer. I’m so glad we bought a pie recently for dinner so we could freeze the extra slices.

pizza and salad

Good thing I stocked up on cans of organic chickpeas last week. I still enjoy mashed chickpeas with avocado for lunch on toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. We won’t discuss that I’m running low on Ezekiel bread because I can’t worry about my plan for finding it next time I go shopping. I may just go without it until life returns to normal. I’m also running low on Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning.

chickpeas avocado

One night I made a really easy high protein vegetarian dinner. Banza chickpea pasta + frozen broccoli + mozzarella cheese + parmesan cheese + marinara sauce. So good and quick to make!

banza pasta

And here’s a salad that clearly needed a larger bowl. It’s my usual combo of romaine, tomatoes, chickpeas, and avocado with the added addition of roasted carrots.


Other things related to food worth noting:

I’ve been roasting potatoes and carrots together in large portions because my son will eat them too.

My son has been cooking a bit — he’s in charge of placing the Iavarone orders (it makes him happy to be in charge of that) so suddenly we have lots of fresh pasta and ravioli which he likes to cook. Maybe I’ll remember to take a picture next time.

I miss my Trader Joe’s semi-sweet chocolate chips. I buy Godiva chocolate chips from Target in the meantime but it’s not the same.

My son wants to know why we have so many bags of frozen blueberries taking up space in the freezer. Simple answer – don’t mess with my oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast. I can go without other meals maybe, but my breakfast must remain the same. I’m the person hoarding the frozen blueberries.

I’m reserving my English muffins with peanut butter as a backup breakfast should I somehow run out of oatmeal and my frozen berries. This means we can’t eat the English muffins just in case I need them.

What food adjustments have you been making to your usual shopping and/or meals?


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