Outdoor Running and New Virtual Workouts Options (workout recap)

I really enjoyed last week’s workouts. As you will see, I varied my virtual workout options beyond just Pure Barre On Demand!

My son is a member at Lifetime (I pay, he goes – lucky him). Now that Lifetime gyms are closed, he has access to their virtual workouts. Of course, this means I have access too so I was really excited to browse the virtual workout menu! The change in the variety of my workouts has been really nice so I will likely continue to try more of Lifetime’s virtual workouts this week too. I will always return to Pure Barre though.

As I mentioned last week, I’m not listing the additional walks I take throughout the day in my workout recap below. I try to get outside for a walk a few times in the afternoon and early evening but it varies depending upon my workday and the weather.

Monday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Woke up to a light snow/sleet/rain mix so I made today a Pure Barre day.

Tuesday – 5 Miles

Finally, it stopped raining! It was great to get outside after a full day in the house yesterday.

Wednesday – 40 Min Virtual Kickboxing

I chose the virtual kickboxing from Lifetime today and really enjoyed it. I used to love kickboxing classes so this was really fun. I’m sure I will be sore tomorrow.

lifetime cardio kickboxing

Thursday – 4 Miles

Yep, I am sore today from yesterday’s kickboxing workout. I feel it big time in my arms and inner thighs, and sitting down is no easy task. This is a good thing! It means to me that yesterday’s workout was effective and worked different muscles than usual, or at least in a different more challenging way.

I ran 4 miles outside in the sunshine, picking up my pace more than I thought I would after my first mile.

Friday – 30 Min Warrior Sculpt/30 Min Walk

I really enjoyed this virtual Warrior Sculpt workout today. It was a nice mix of yoga, strength, and cardio. Some portions are similar to Pure Barre  — I can tell you that my barre workouts definitely give me strength and balance for yoga. I worked up more of a sweat with this Warrior Sculpt workout in comparison to Pure Barre workouts.

lifetime warrior sculpt

Saturday – 7 Miles

7 miles for the first time in a while, I think? I don’t remember the last time I ran more than 6 miles, it’s easily been a few months.

I didn’t do anything too specific but tried to get some speed in there: 3 miles easy + 3 miles effort + 1 mile easy. Maybe next weekend I will want to run 8 miles.

Sunday – Lifetime Strike!/Warrior Sculpt

It was raining this morning so I figured it was a good time to try another Lifetime virtual workout. I chose Strike, which is a lot like kickboxing. Since it was only 30 minutes and I had time (without the option to walk outside because of the weather), I added another Warrior Sculpt class. I really like the Warrior Sculpt class!

lifetime strike

The weather is looking pretty decent for this coming week so I will likely run today and then vary my routine to include a mix of the virtual workouts with running and walking the rest of the week.

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