Weekly Workouts (Running/Walking/Pure Barre On Demand)

How are we all doing? I have yet to clean out a closet, bake a cookie, or try a new recipe. Actually, I don’t think I’ve cooked anything unless you count toasting bread or roasting my usual sweet potatoes to add to salads. My son made nachos the other night. I handled the oven so maybe that counts?

Anyway, let’s discuss my workouts from last week. They shut the gym in my community (I think I mentioned that the other day) but I don’t really need the treadmill so it’s fine. It’s going to have to be fine so I’m glad I’m finding it fine on my own rather than being upset about it.

I’ve listed my morning workouts below but I didn’t include the additional walks I take during the day. Even though I always work from home and always try to go for a quick walk during the day, right now I think it’s extra important to get out for some air.

Usually, when my son gets home from school, we have places to go to. Right now, instead of having that routine, I’m trying to take a walk during that time (when we aren’t in the car letting him drive) to keep semblance to my routine of when I’m usually out of the house.

Remember this article that I shared? It’s such a great read for right now. It’s not only a reminder that life stresses can affect fitness but also includes the importance of walking as the most underrated exercise we have.

I am however paying careful attention to the running and walking that I’m doing. You may notice additional fatigue when you run if you are walking more now too. The steps do add up! Now is not the time to push yourself through adding walking AND ramping up running just because you have more time on your hands. You don’t want to hurt yourself or over-stress your body which can lower your immune system. Let your body adjust to the additional steps, pay attention to how you feel, and take it easy if you are tired.

walking path

^running/walking path inside my community. It’s the best!

Monday – 45 Min Pure Barre (On Demand)

It was pretty cold compared to what it’s been so I went with a Pure Barre workout today.

Tuesday – 30 Min Run (in the rain!)

It’s funny how last week I didn’t want to run even though it was beautiful outside and this week, I want to run yet the weather so far this week has not been great. And, they closed the gym in my community so there goes my treadmill.

I don’t mind running in a misty rain so outside I went!

Wednesday – 5 Miles

Happy to be outside.

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre (On Demand)

Friday 45 Min Walk

Saturday – 5 Miles

It was pretty windy this morning but again, happy to be outside.

Sunday – 6 Miles

Not as windy this morning but definitely cold. Still felt nice.


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