Sticking With What I Know + Food Stock Up + Pizza

Well, we are living through quite an interesting and unprecedented time in life right now, aren’t we?

I’m a naturally positive person and deal decently with uncertainty. I always try to focus on bright sides to situations and take things minute by minute. There are certain parts to dealing with the unknown right now and the feeling of being glued to the news that reminds me of living through September 11. It’s so completely different though that I wonder why mentally I go back to that time period in my mind. The only thing I can use from the comparison is to remember we somehow made it through that difficult time and adjusted to new normals, and we will certainly do it again.

Having said all of that, I will stick with what I know here on the blog.

I love people who are using this “stick with what I know” phrase rather than trying to preach and educate on subjects that really aren’t their area of expertise/have nothing to do with their platform.

So, here’s a little glimpse into my life this week as we adjust to the uncertainty of the new and hopefully short-lived normal.

I’m used to working from home, just not with my son home from school. I tell him we are practicing social distancing within the house and to stay six feet away at all times. Sometimes he listens.

I’m an outdoor runner who chooses Pure Barre on Demand for years so my workouts are pretty much not affected. Well, except for the fact that they now closed the cute little gym in my community. I use the gym, which is steps away from my front door, for the treadmill and elliptical when the weather outside isn’t as inviting. I’ll hope it doesn’t rain too much.

Let’s get back to my son for a minute. I finally gave in to his version of stocking the house the other evening at Target. It was like an episode of supermarket sweep. The kid was grabbing foods and boxes of cereals he doesn’t even ever eat.

Reeses puffs

Trust me when I say, he will now be forced to eat those foods now that it fills our pantry. Hungry? Have a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Oh, you don’t want that? Then why did you grab four cans of it?

target stock up

While we do have plenty of food in the house, I want to try to support local restaurants. I have TONS of bagels in the house and still live on pizza with salads that I make at home.


Here’s my issue. The roads are less crowded and my son has less to do so I have no reason not to take him driving after I work through the morning and early afternoon. Yesterday he drove us to the pizza place to pick up a pie. I figured we should buy extra slices of pizza and freeze it.


So that’s about it from me right now. If you do have questions about how I work from home, please let me know. I wasn’t going to create a post on how to work from home but I can certainly let you know how I do things if it’s of interest.


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