Last Week’s Workouts + Virtual Platforms (pure barre!)

Okay, let’s chat before getting to a breakdown of last week’s workouts:

First, I scaled back on running last week because I felt like I was too physically tired to run. Was it an effect of the time change? I don’t really know. I’m really not sure why I felt the way I did. I was not sick and hadn’t done anything to over-fatigue myself. It’s possible it was hormonal – I was at mid-cycle. Overall, I just needed some extra time off from running. It’s funny because I barely run 20 miles a week these days but even that amount can sometimes be too much!

One needs to pay attention to how they are feeling and not force things, even if for no real reason other than you just feel as though you need to take it easier than usual. We are not machines.

Yes, I do know that I could have pushed myself to run and probably would have warmed up and felt fine but I’m at a place in life where I know that it’s a totally fine and much better idea to not run unless I really feel like it. Nothing at all will happen if you don’t run for a few days, aside from giving yourself some rest to feel your best for the next time you run. If you don’t feel like running for a few days, the desire to run will return when it’s time. I promise.

Next, I’m going to acknowledge canceled/postponed races due to the virus even though I didn’t have a race on my calendar. We are living in unprecedented times and I’m sorry if your race has been canceled. Life is often out of our control, these things happen, and it will be okay.

Here’s your reminder that you can likely still run, outdoors or on a treadmill. I’ve had races canceled due to snowstorms. In 2012, the NYC Marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. That cancelation was super last minute and couldn’t be prevented. We were under some serious destruction in our area (which is still being rebuilt in many locations here). There were runners not happy about the marathon being canceled but again, life is mostly out of our control and you need to go with the flow. There is certainly more to life than a race, you know?

Virtual platforms. Now is the time for my love of Pure Barre On Demand to shine! If you are looking for at-home workouts, of course, I recommend Pure Barre On Demand. I’m already seeing a major spike in analytics for Pure Barre On Demand information.

pure barre on demand

Here are my top three Pure Barre posts for you to check out if you are considering the platform and need a refresher on the details. If you have any additional questions at all or want me to cover anything in my posts about Pure Barre From Home right now, definitely let me know!

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Monday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Walk

I wasn’t totally in the mood for this run but as I went along, I felt better. Still, I stopped at 30 minutes. It was enough for today.

Tuesday – 45 Min Walk/10 Min Pure Barre (seat & abs)

It was a shame that I wasn’t in the mood to run because the weather was so nice — but I just didn’t feel like it. I opted for a walk followed by my favorite Pure Barre 10 minute workout for seat and abs.

Wednesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

I woke up super tired and completely uninterested in running or walking outside, even though the weather was perfect. Sometimes you just know when it’s not a good idea to do something, and today was that day.

Instead, I realized that Pure Barre did sound like a good idea and that I did have the energy for that type of workout.

It was truly the right choice, and I know this because I was really happy throughout the workout. I didn’t feel tired or unmotivated and enjoyed the entire routine.

Thursday – 3 Mile Walk

Friday – 30 Min Elliptical/15 Min Treadmill Walk

It was raining so I opted for the elliptical in the gym. I was feeling more in the mood for cardio but not totally in the mood for running so I figured why force it? The elliptical was a good option.

Saturday – 5 Miles (outside)/15 Min Walk

Back to running! I woke up feeling normal again, and actually forgot that I didn’t want to run all week. Picked up where I left off with some miles outside in the sun…and wind.

Sunday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Walk/10 Min Pure Barre (arms)

An easy run for 30 minutes outside felt nice.

**The week ahead**

Obviously we are all living through something none of us have ever experienced in our lives. While nothing is comfortable or certain, this is a good time for outdoor running and walking. I always say walking is so underrated yet so important for mental (and physical) health.

I hope the weather by you is nice enough to take a walk during the day — maybe a few walks throughout the day if you can. Hang in there!


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    I’ve been walking a lap outside during my lunch hour at work. (Work is still is session at least through today.) A midday walk picks up my energy and seriously makes a difference in my mood!