Friday Favorites (Best Kosas Concealer + ShopBop Faves)


I’m no alarmist and really do not wish to discuss the virus that is taking over the world. Or that hockey season and the rest of sports have come to a halt.

Instead, here’s a picture of me in my sunglasses and hoodie. I may not be wearing a mask (um hello, they say you shouldn’t because it doesn’t even help unless you are actually sick) but I’m always convinced my hoodies and shades will hide me from the elements. Yes, I look like the unibomber from back in the day.


I’ve decided we should just get a major blizzard here in New York. It would help with the whole social distancing thing since we would all be forced indoors by snow and really, we are all stocked up for an apocalypse anyway.

Well, not me, because I’m not sure what we are frantically overstocking for exactly. I just went food shopping yesterday amongst the crowds because I needed food in the house per usual. Right now I have four jars of peanut butter in the house. I hope that counts as stocking.

trader joes

Anyway, how about some Friday Favorites?

This Kosas Revealer Concealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer has to be THE BEST concealer I’ve ever used — it’s amazing coverage even though they say it’s medium coverage. It feels super light, blends easily, quickly, and really well, and has the brightening factor too. I don’t need to add another highlighting product ever since using it. Did I mention Kosas is a clean brand? Amazing bonus.

kosas concealer

I’ve been busy browsing Shopbop this week.

Shopbop carries a few select items from my favorite accessories brand, Stoney Clover. I love this Travel flat pouch and this GLAM clear open top pouch. I appreciate that these pouches are already designed so I don’t have to think about how I want to customize on my own. Believe me, I spend a lot of time designing pouches on the Stoney Clover website. It’s addicting.

I think I want this mini cloud bag in this pretty shade of pink  – it’s a great price. I also really like this black tote with the star zipper.

I don’t really need new swimsuits this year but LOVE this bikini set from LOVESHACKFANCY.

I’m a sucker for jeweled sandals. 

I have these wave heart flip flops from last year but it’s worth grabbing another pair since they are so reasonable. And cute.

Tie-dye Golden Goose? Yes, please. I love Golden Goose. This pair is super pretty in the tie-dye too. They may be a little expensive but they are so comfortable and versatile that you wear them enough to make it worth the investment.

Have a good weekend!


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