Weekly Workout Recap (running + walking + pure barre)

Some thoughts from the week:

* Lately, I never really know what my workout for the day will be until I am literally getting dressed in the morning. Sometimes I know I want to run but overall, I’m truly not sure when I wake up if I want to run, walk, or do a longer Pure Barre workout. I like this approach right now — I’m fine with deciding my workout at the moment and going with my mood.

* I don’t think I’ve run more than 6 miles at a time this winter but do think the warmer weather of Spring may change that as the nice outdoor weather usually encourages the longer distance runner side of me.

*I really do like the treadmill this winter. I’m thinking it’s a combination of only running on the treadmill when I truly feel like it and not being fatigued from extra miles that I don’t need. Every time I get on the treadmill, I am energized and ready to go, without that lingering last workout fatigue that used to take two miles to work through before feeling great.


Very happy with the gym in my community! Totally meets my needs

Monday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Walk

My abs were noticeably sore from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout although I have no idea why. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary in that workout. All Pure Barre workouts are slightly different but I definitely didn’t notice anything so out of ordinary or challenging to leave my obliques so sore.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Walk/5 Min Pure Barre (arms)

Wednesday – 35 Min Run/15 Min Pure Barre (lower body)

I made it outside for a run today even though I was tired from last night’s Islanders game. I was definitely too tired for a treadmill run but an easy outdoor run in the light misty rain was perfect. After running, I chose a 15 minute Pure Barre workout which focused on the lower body but uses weights for part of it so it definitely felt full body.

Thursday – 30 Min Walk/30 Min Pure Barre

It rained pretty heavily overnight but stopped in time for me to get a quick walk outdoors. I thought about running but didn’t really feel like it.

Friday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to run today but then decided to run on the treadmill, figuring a 30-minute workout.

Once running on the treadmill, my 30-minute workout idea then turned into a 35-minute workout, which then turned into continuing to 5 miles. Funny how that happens.

Here’s what I did:

10-minute warm-up: 5 minutes easy/5 minutes 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy

10 minutes: 1 minute hard/1 minute easy

15 minutes: 2 minutes hard/1 minute easy

Since I was already over 4 miles at this point, I finished out the rest of the mile to hit 5 miles followed by walking cooldown.

Saturday – 45 Min Treadmill Workout/15 Min Walk

I was in the mood to run again this morning but it was too cold outdoors so I opted for the treadmill again. I’m really not complaining because I do love my treadmill workouts this season!

Here’s what I did (totally made it up as I went along)

After my 10-minute usual warm-up, I went with a 3 x 1 pattern for the rest of the workout while ranging incline between 1 – 3%.

So, it was basically 32 minutes of 3 minutes harder effort/1 minute easy. I hit 5 miles at 42 minutes, ran 3 minutes easy and then walked for 15 minutes.

Sharing a quick picture of my bialy with lettuce, tomato, and vegetable cream cheese which we picked up before the Islanders game today as an early lunch. It was a day game with an earlier ceremony to retire Butch Goring’s number which meant being at the Coliseum at 11:30 AM. Even though I had my pre-run oatmeal and post-run bowl too, I was super hungry and ready to eat! Maybe it was my treadmill workout that triggered my appetite today. 🙂 


Sunday – 50 Min Pure Barre


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