Never Say Never Plus Friday Favorites

So I thought I would put together a food post on Wednesday but then I went into my photos to see I had already deleted all pictures of recent meals that I took for the purposes of the blog. In my head when deleting the photos, I guess I thought that I had already edited them for the blog — I was wrong. Sure, I could have gone into my deleted photos, recovered them and then edited for the blog, but that was just not happening. The effort of monotonous tasks is something I struggle with on a daily basis so adding in extra steps to an already monotonous task combined with thinking I already did it was just not going to work for me.

But! Here is one recent meal and it’s a big bowl from Maoz. The roasted cauliflower and roasted broccoli are always so delicious.


Should we discuss the Islanders/Rangers game from Tuesday night? While the Islanders did lose in overtime, it was an incredible game. It had every element of the rivalry and the crowd was as loud as ever — there is really nothing quite like the Islanders/Rangers rivalry.

Islanders Rangers game

Gosh, I do despise Rangers fans though, always have, always will. It’s just a way of life, you know? Can’t like a Rangers fan.

And, I always said I would never date a Rangers fan. Never. Oh, you are a Rangers fan? Next.

A lesson in life, never say never.

Somehow, I’ve made the exception for one specific Rangers fan for a really long time now (since 2018) although the concept of him being a Rangers fan will constantly fascinate me. How is this possible? What is he thinking? HOW DO I EVEN LIKE HIM?

But I do.

Throughout my life, I would see those couples at games wearing rival jerseys (YOU KNOW THOSE PEOPLE? YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN?!), and I never quite understood that dynamic. I still don’t understand, but I’m starting to — but not really. But I can see how it happens. But not really.

It’s quite confusing.

So anyway, he was not with me at the game (traveling, usual) but I did have a very good time by text throughout the game. We only have an issue when he gets all Rangers fan on me, as seen below.

He just cannot do that. There are rules here. 

Friday Favorites:

I’m obsessed with Olaplex no. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner for every reason they claim I should love the two clean hair products. As stated by Sephora:

  • The Olaplex shampoo repairs and protects hair from everyday stresses—including damaged hair, split ends, and frizz—by re-linking broken bonds. No.4 is color-safe and proven to reduce breakage and strengthen all types of hair.
  • The Olaplex conditioner is for all hair types and leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and healthier with each use. It is color-safe, leaves hair stronger than ever, and benefits all hair types and textures.

My fave Yummie bodysuits are on sale – here’s the short sleeve, and here’s the long sleeve. 

Don’t look at the price of these shoes, just look at how cute these Mary Janes are.

I may need this tote and I like these satin cargo pants. 

And these rainbow star leggings!

Finishing things off for today with this great article of  Eight ways to tell a real New Yorker from a fake New Yorker — the part about crossing the street, I never know how to cross the street in other areas. Do people really wait for the walk signal?

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