The Best Clean Skincare Products I’m Using in 2020


It’s been a long time coming for me to put together this list of my favorite clean skincare products! It’s no secret to anyone who knows me and really, anyone who reads my blog for a while to know that I am definitely a beauty product junkie. I care very much about the makeup and skincare products that I use and I LOVE to shop for them. Not only do I spend my time researching skincare products, their ingredients, and the benefits, but I love to talk about my findings and what I’m using!

A quick note on what Sephora classifies as clean skincare products: Clean at Sephora is formulated without a list of over 50 ingredients, including sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, and more. For the full list, click here.

Okay, so let’s dive into the list of my favorite clean skincare products. There are many skincare products below that I have mentioned in the past but I figured it was worth rounding them up today so that you could see a full picture of what I use regularly. Yes, I do use a lot of skincare products on a daily basis. Yes, I do think it is necessary. No, I don’t think you need to use as many as I do but you do need the following:

  • A good cleanser (and makeup remover if your cleanser can’t get it off!)
  • serum
  • eye cream (or eye serum, or both)
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen

From there, you can branch out to including toners, exfoliators, masks, retinol, and additional serums.



clean skincare favorites 2020

Let’s start with Drunk Elephant. I’m a huge fan of Drunk Elephant skincare! In fact, if you asked me where to start to make things easy with skincare, I would tell you to just buy every item that you need from the Drunk Elephant skincare line and you just won’t go wrong.

While I don’t love their eye cream or eye serum, I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with it at all. I have used it but don’t currently use it. However, I use just about everything else!

Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser- Absolutely the best cleanser for removing your makeup (including eye makeup!) gently and efficiently. It’s a balm type of cleanser and can work as an exfoliator too if you add the bamboo booster that it comes with to the balm (only do this a couple of times a week).

I use the Rise and Glow Brightening Duo in the morning and the Nightbright Resurfacing Duo in the evening. It makes things really simple when the serums are packaged this way to know exactly what to use and when.

I bounce between the Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer with Ceramides and Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer. I recommend them both but if I had to choose which I personally prefer, I would say the Lala Retro simply because it’s a thicker moisturizer and I like that.

T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial- Best minifacial if you ask me!

If you want to spend a little less money but still receive quality, clean skincare products, I do recommend First Aid Beauty.

Right now I use the FAB Skin Lab Retinol Eye Cream with Triple Hyaluronic Acid and rotate in the Face Cleanser to my routine too.

You can get Versed at Target! This clean skincare line is so reasonably priced that I say buy everything you want and give it all a try! I don’t fully recommend all of their products because some ingredients are less potent (this happens when they are at a lower price) and some of the packagings for their moisturizers are not airtight, but otherwise, it’s an overall excellent option.

Here’s what I use regularly:

The Fix Emergency Eye Mask-Love this.

Versed Photos Please Brightening Tightening Face Mask-I use this a couple of times a week.

Versed The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel Mini-I usually use this one night a week.

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum- Very gentle retinol that you can use basically daily. I have yet to see a reaction from it and my skin would be on sensitive side normally.

Versed On The Rise Firming Serum-This serum receives top praises.

Versed Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution- A fairly new product, so far I really like it and use it twice a day.


I love this Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel from Biossance. and also use Glossier’s Bubblewrap which is an excellent (and well priced) eye cream that you can also apply to your lips.

For sunscreen, right now I really like Supergoop.

And, if you need a place to put all of your skincare products, of course, I’m going to tell you to design a Stoney Clover pouch.

stoney clover cozy

There are so many beautiful Stoney Clover options, not to mention, their products are of the highest quality and extremely durable. I’m obsessed, to say the least.

stoney clover clear pouch

If you need any help designing a Stoney Clover pouch or bag since there are so many sizes, patches, and color combinations, please let me know and I will try to help!

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If you have any questions at all or need skincare product recommendations, please let me know!

Note: I do not use Beauty Counter. If you want my opinion of Beauty Counter, please feel free to ask. 🙂 




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