My Son Drove Us To Chopt + Good Round Up Of Recent Meals

I have a good round-up of recent meals to share today! At least I think so. 🙂 

See this Chopt salad? There isn’t much worth discussing in regards the actual salad. Rather, the important part is that my son drove us from our house to the shopping center where Chopt is located for lunch.

We are talking main roads with other cars, traffic lights, and lots of things completely out of my control. He’s had his permit since October but I wasn’t rushing the whole driving on the main roads part of this little journey —until now. In fact, I’m still not the one in the rush, he is. He came home with a note from Driver’s Ed reminding me, the parent, to take him driving in order to reinforce what he learns while driving weekly in Driver’s Ed.

Well, how nice of them to remind me. I’m paying them to teach him to drive and they give me a reminder note to take him driving? I’m not the one with the emergency brake on the passenger side of the car, they are. And, I’m certainly not trained in giving up control of my car to my kid, who doesn’t know how to drive. There’s something a little backwards about this.


Moving on to dinner at Dirty Taco. I did not let him drive to Dirty Taco. Too many blind spots! Wild drivers on Merrick Road! Close quarters to the cars parked on the side of the road! You need to know how to merge! Switch lanes! Stop suddenly! Not to mention, park in a tight parking lot.

So if you want to go to Dirty Taco, I recommend getting there when they open so that you can avoid the wait. When we arrived, we got the last available table, people behind us were quoted a 25-minute wait. It only becomes more crowded from this point.

Dirty Taco is insane, in a great way.

Guacamole to start.

dirty taco guacamole

I love the naked taco as it’s a salad version of your choice of taco — the roasted brussels sprouts are always my pick.

dirty taco

Here is my weekly (ok, I probably have it more than once a week) whole wheat margarita slice from Mario’s – still my favorite.

whole wheat margarita pizza

And here is another example of a day at Trader Joe’s when I should have taken a cart but grabbed a basket instead. I really did need a cart.

You can’t see the organic grape tomatoes in this basket but what you should know is that the tomatoes never made it into my house. I dropped the tomatoes out of the bag as I was taking the bag out of my car. They landed all over the ground. It was a lovely experience of picking up grape tomatoes that I just bought to ultimately put in the garbage. We will ignore that I paid extra for my tomatoes to ensure they were organic.

trader joes

Here’s a typical weekday lunch salad for me featuring romaine, tomatoes (the ones I still had left in the house!), roasted sweet potatoes, corn, string beans, chickpeas, avocado, and feta cheese.


And look! I whipped out the Banza pasta for a change! I quickly made this delicious meal for dinner with broccoli and string beans in a tomato sauce (which I created from Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup mixed with some tomato paste) combined with the Banza pasta and parmesan cheese. While I do have a variety of tomato sauces to use, I love cooking with the Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup (it’s the low sodium one). I just add the vegetables (which are usually frozen vegetables) to a cast iron pan with a little olive oil, some seasoning, and then I add the sauce combo. (I cook the Banza pasta quickly in a separate pot and then combine everything together).

It’s so delicious!

banzza pasta

And that’s about it for today. I am working on finalizing the pizza place list for our NYC pizza tour (remember I mentioned the pizza tour concept last week?). We did get started with what is now known as the first pizza tour stop the other night though! However,  I haven’t had time to edit the pictures or do anything with them to talk about it so please stay tuned for that!

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  1. jacky says

    I live in Victoria (Australia) and at 16 you can get your driver’s learner’s permit but you can’t get your licence until you turn 18. Before you can get your licence you need to do 120 hours of supervised driving. Whilst this can be stressful on parents I think it is a great idea as the kids are getting lots of experience before they are allowed to be on the road alone!