Salads + Prince St. Pizza + NYC Pizza Tours

I’m back with some recent meals that, of course, include salads and pizza. Find me a better combo! You can’t.


Let’s start with some salads before getting to pizza.

For the first time ever, I left Chopt with half of my salad bowl to take home. I don’t know what happened but I just wasn’t feeling the salad enough to finish it. Maybe it had something to do with the incredibly long line followed by what might have been an impatient person helping me. I’m not even sure what I selected after waiting so long combined with the pressure to keep the line moving. I do see corn in my bowl though.


I ended up adding the leftover salad to some romaine at home with whole wheat margarita pizza for dinner.

whole wheat pizza

I worked from Panera last Friday and had my salad again. It’s always a great choice! Since normally while working I make my salads at home, it’s always nice to get out and have someone else make a salad for me. 🙂

salad at panera

I think I’ve mentioned that the whole wheat vegetable slice is no longer my favorite from Monte BUT I do still order it on occasion. Look at how they pack the vegetables on top of the whole wheat pizza crust!

Ok so let’s talk about Prince St. Pizza. I was in the city (on Prince Street) so I had to grab a slice of pizza. Prince St. Pizza is basically a storefront — there’s some room inside to stand and eat but mostly, you wait on the line (which continues outside) and eat where you can. I ate my slice while walking down the street. Prince St. Pizza is known for its Soho Squares, especially the square with pepperoni. Since I don’t eat pepperoni, I went with a plain corner slice. It was delicious although I do think it’s hard to find a bad slice of pizza here in New York. I can’t wait to go back to try a margarita slice or traditional slice. YUM.

prince street pizza

It’s important that I finally mention to you that my friend from work and her group of friends started their own NYC pizza tour. Like, sure, you can pay to go on an organized pizza tour here in New York but if you live here, why not create your own fun pizza tour and document it on Instagram! Genius group of girls I tell you!

NYC pizza tours instagram

Back in the day, I used to pick new restaurants to try in the city based upon the Zagats ratings on a weekly basis. Now, I just want to recreate the pizza tour by trying their list of pizza joints, especially the spots I haven’t been to yet. They created their own punch card so as they try a new pizza place (and review it on Instagram) they punch the card to knock another place off the list. You can follow the girls on their pizza adventures too on Instagram at NYC Pizza Tours !

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  1. Jenny says

    What a genius idea! Pizza tour for the win You must document if you visit anymore of their suggestions! Love seeing your latest eats- always delicious and nutritious 🙂