Workouts From Week (treadmill workouts + outdoor time + pure barre)

My workouts are pretty detailed below (great treadmill workouts included!) so I don’t have much else to add. Instead, here’s my salad and bagel combo from yesterday as I legit didn’t take any other pictures in the last week to share in this post! Unbelievable, right? I know. It was a very busy week. At least I always make time for myself and my workouts though!

salad and bagel

Monday – 45 Minute Treadmill Workout

My son and I were both off today so I slept in a bit and headed to the gym in my community later than usual.

I wasn’t really sure what my plan was so I made it up as I went along:

  • 10-minute warm-up: 5 minutes easy/5 min alternating 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy
  • 3 Miles: I focused on the time and alternated 3 minutes increasing speed/1 minute easy. My easy speed was 6.3 – 6.5. My increasing speeds ranged from 7.1 – 8.5.
  • Last-mile: More freestyle here. I played with speed and incline until I reached 5 miles right as the treadmill display said 42 minutes.
  • I ran a cool down for 3 minutes and then walked for 15 minutes since I had the time.

Tuesday – 35 Min Pure Barre

Wednesday – 35 Min Treadmill Workout

Time flew by during this treadmill run. Actually, all of my treadmill runs fly by these days.

  • Usual 10-minute warm-up
  • 24 minutes alternating 5 minutes of increasing speed (7.1 – 8.2)/1 min easy (6.3)
  • I bumped speed back up for the final minute to finish at 35 minutes (4.2 miles) and then walked for 5 minutes as a cool down.

Thursday – 40 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 60 Min Walk (outside)

It was nice enough to get outside this morning without being too unbearably cold for me!

Saturday – 3 Mile Run (outside)

I didn’t sleep well last night which meant I didn’t feel well enough for a treadmill workout. I’m truly one of those people who NEED sleep to function properly. Not sure how anyone gets by on little sleep. It would never work for me!

Luckily, it was Saturday and wasn’t raining at the time I headed outside for a walk. Once outside, I did decide to try running easy to see how I felt. 30 minutes at around 10:00 min/mile pace was perfect – but enough. No more than this as I knew I hadn’t slept and can run tomorrow after a good night’s sleep tonight.

Sunday – 5 Mile Treadmill Workout

A solid night of sleep meant I was fresh and ready to run. I tried to run outdoors but within a few steps, I noticed black ice, so I switched to the treadmill.

I didn’t pay close enough attention to a specific workout pattern but it was typical of the rest of my week on the treadmill:

10-minute warm-up + increasing speed for 3 – 5  min (7.0 – 8.0)/1 min decreased speed (at 7.0). The only thing I did a little different today was throw in ranging inclines throughout the workout, anywhere between my usual 1.0 up to 3.0. Let me tell you, the ranging inclines made this that much harder, in a good way.

5 miles – Slightly under 42 minutes.

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