Week in Workouts: Outdoors A Bit + Treadmill Workouts + Pure Barre

A few things to note from last week’s workouts:

I took advantage of the milder air early on in the week, knowing it would turn colder by the weekend. Gosh, it’s cold out there now!

My treadmill workouts were super solid and engaging. I’m so happy that I am eager to run on the treadmill. There was a time when I had to teach myself to like the treadmill — not anymore.

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Monday – 5 Mile Run

I took advantage of the weather being 40 degrees first thing in the morning for a run outside this morning. I didn’t have to drive my son to school either so I had some extra time to go 5 miles. While I did consider stopping at 4 miles, I had the 9 minutes to go a little longer so I figured I should as it’s not often in winter I get outside for the fresh running air.

Tuesday – 3 Mile Walk

I didn’t sleep well, woke up oddly sore for me, and had a bit of a headache. I’m pretty sure that I was sore from Sunday’s Pure Barre workout which does not happen often but it was one of the harder workouts so it’s definitely possible. For these reasons, I chose a nice walk outdoors to help me wake up and feel better. Walking is so underrated!

Wednesday – 3.5 Mile (run/walk)

No longer sore or tired, I headed outside to run. But, a mile in, I was totally not feeling it. So I switched to walking. And then back to running without even realizing what I was doing, And then back to walking. Not really sure what went on today but the fresh air was nice!

Thursday – 40 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 35 Min Treadmill Workout

I finished this workout feeling eager to continue and ready for more < – a great way to end a workout. Why burn yourself out, you know?

  • 10 minutes warm-up
  • 20 minutes 1 min hard/1 min easy
  • 5 minutes 2 min hard/1 min easy/2 min hard


Saturday – Treadmill Hill Workout (5 Miles Total)

I picked up where I left off yesterday, eager to run and ready to complete the treadmill hill workout I ran two weeks ago. I did really well with it, even increasing my speed more than last time.

10 min warm-up  — then I ranged speed between 7.0 – 7.6 and ran the following workout:

1 min 5% incline/1 min 1% incline

2 min 4% incline/2 min 2% incline

3 min 3% incline/3 min 1% incline

2 min 4% incline/1 min 1% incline

1 min 5% incline/1 min 1% incline

2 min 4% incline/1 min 1% incline

3 min 3% incline/1 min 1% incline

I can’t recall exactly at which points I ran faster than others but I never dropped below 7.0 and was able to run at 7.5 on the higher inclines, instead of only increasing on lower inclines.

Once finished with the hill section of the workout, I added a mile to finish 5 miles at around 42 min.

Sunday – 45 Min Pure Barre (weight series workout)

I’ve said this before but worth saying again – I love the new weight series workouts that were added to the Pure Barre On Demand menu in recent months. These workouts add an extra challenge for me by incorporating the use of free weights throughout the 45 minutes, rather than just during arms or core work.

pure barre on demand

screenshot from Pure Barre On Demand Weight Series 1 Workout

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