You Don’t Need A lot of Time For A Quality Workout (weekly workout recap)

I loved my week in workouts. Isn’t that such a nice statement to hear?

My cold was gone so I felt energized both mentally and physically to jump back into my workout routine, which started Monday morning with a treadmill workout.

So here’s the thing. I do not have endless time during the week for my workouts, especially this time of year. Most mornings, I drive my son to school (because it’s so dark and cold in the morning to have him wait for the bus) which definitely cuts into the time I would have for a workout prior to starting my workday. I refuse to sacrifice sleep to make more time for my workouts because that’s not healthy, or necessary.

It is absolutely not necessary to put in high mileage and endless hours in order to achieve a quality workout that positively supports your health, mental well-being, and fitness level.

Obviously, we all have different goals (not that I think in terms of goals – I am not a goal setter), but overall, if you are looking to be active for mental and physical benefits, continuously running high mileage and spending extended time in the gym stressing your body is just not necessary, and can actually have the reverse effects.

I continue to go back to the mindset I had when I started with fitness so many years ago – 30 minutes. If you can find 30 minutes for fitness, occasionally go longer and/or harder, terrific. Most mornings I can get 35 – 40 minutes in if I feel like it, but I go into every day aiming for my 30 minutes. Now, if you are training for a race, obviously that may carry a different set of requirements. But that should only be for a training period, not long-term.

Laura sent me this article which I find to be in line with everything I say and believe. Please read it. My favorite part of the article may be the reference to walking being the most underrated form of exercise!

Note: It’s not lost on me that I used to be the runner who ran long every Saturday, who used to put in more time than I do now. While I was never injured (thank goodness), I do think it took a toll on me (mentally and physically without fully realizing) and I am so grateful to have scaled things back over the last two years to where I am now and have been for a while. I hope that my readers who want to find a better balance (meaning: DO LESS) are able to gain insight from the article I just shared and from my posts to learn how to be more than okay with scaling back.

Monday – 4.25-mile treadmill hill workout

I made my return to running after a week off because I had a cold.

On my mind had been a hill workout Laura gave me back in 2017!  Woah, this one is a challenge in such a good way! I loved looking back at my post from 2017 to see I maintained the exact same speed this time around — I hadn’t reviewed the old post to know this until AFTER I ran the workout today. See, I have not lost my fitness by running so much less since 2017! I made two tweaks to this workout — Instead of running at 0% incline, I ran at 1%. I also cut the extra easy miles so instead of running a total of 6 miles, I ran 4.25.

treadmill hill workout

Tuesday – 35 Min treadmill workout

Another great treadmill workout!

10 min warm-up 5 min easy/5 min 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy

10 minutes alternating 1 min hard/1 min easy followed by 2 min hard/1 min easy until I reached 4 miles.

Cooldown to 35 minutes.

Wednesday – 40 Min Pure Barre Workout

Thursday – 35 Min Treadmill Workout

I ran my usual 10-minute warm-up and then I did something slightly different.

3 minutes of increasing speed/ 30 second easy (6.5)/1 minute building back up (7.0) followed by 3 minutes increasing speed further.

The 3 minutes increasing speed look a little like this:

  • 1st min: 7.0 – 7.7
  • 2nd min: 7.7 – 8.0
  • 3rd minute 8.0 – 8.3

This was a fun workout! Really makes treadmill time fly by.

Friday – 3.5 Mile Walk

I was so happy to get outside this morning for fresh air and a walk! I had more time than I usually do during the week so I was able to walk slightly over an hour.

Saturday – 6 Miles (outside)

It was 55 degrees this morning which was a pleasure for an easy, outdoor run. I was not happy to see how dirty my running shoes got out there today though.

brooks launch old glory

Sunday – 45 Min Pure Barre Workout

I chose one of the weight series workouts which was recently added to Pure Barre on Demand in the last few months. Definitely becoming a favorite!

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