I Hate January Diet Mentality (plus recent meals)

New year, same way of eating over here for me. No January diets for me.

I really had no intention of getting into detail here about the whole January diet mentality — it makes me way too insane even to think about, let alone write about. But then I started typing this post and have a few little things to say in summary of my thoughts on the subject.

If you want to make a change, make a change. There’s no reason to wait for January 1 or for a Monday. There’s also no reason for crazy dieting or overly structured meal plans. Fad diets, insane workout routines, leaving yourself hungry, eliminating foods you actually enjoy, or focusing on what you can do on a 30-day restrictive plan do not work long-term. However, understanding that making some changes that bring you over to a nutrient-dense yet realistic healthy and balanced eating lifestyle does work. Strenuous overexercise not needed. It really is that simple yet people tend to overcomplicate things in an effort for a quick fix. To me, it can be an easy fix without a restrictive diet but no one wants to hear the truth, they want a tight plan for quick results.

And further (see what happens when I get started on this topic?!) when people I know actually listen to me, when they are ready to make a few little changes that don’t involve the word diet or restriction, they actually see results! And aren’t hungry! And aren’t missing the foods they love!

A quick little story to add here about my workout yesterday —

The lady next to me on the treadmill stopped me to chat when I was finished with my workout. She always sees me outside running and wanted to let me know that I’ve inspired her to come to the gym.

She also told me that I’m so disciplined.

Please know that I HATE the word discipline as people relate it to diet and exercise. The word discipline makes it all sound so negative. Taking care of yourself through fitness and healthy eating is not a negative thing! It doesn’t take discipline. It takes wanting to take care of yourself. Wanting to eat a certain way and exercise regularly because it is positive; because it makes you feel good. It is second nature. It’s not something you think about, it’s not about learning discipline or pushing yourself against your will. It is what you want to do and choose to do because doing so makes you feel good. It’s a priority to yourself.  A positive priority.

As she was walking on the treadmill, she pointed out to me that she put her incline up at 2.0 because someone told her that is what she should do.

My response was simple.

Do what brings you back to the gym. If you like walking on an incline, if it makes you want to come back to walk tomorrow, then do it. If walking without an incline at a speed of 3.0 makes you happy, please do that. 

You do not need to run like me, you don’t need strenuous exercise. You just need to do what works for you and what makes you want to return to do some more.

She was so pleasantly shocked by my answer as if I said something magical (as was the lady next to her on the other treadmill). They were both smiling. I think they will both be back tomorrow.

Now let’s move on and take a look at my Bagel Boss bagel.

We know I go through phases with needing a bagel with vegetable cream cheese and that phase occurred right before I was sick last week with that horrendous cold.

This is a picture of my whole wheat bagel with lettuce, tomato, and vegetable cream cheese. I also bought an extra container of vegetable cream cheese for the house, knowing that once I had this bagel with vegetable cream cheese, I would need a few more over the next few days. There are always bagels in my house but I only buy vegetable cream cheese when I specifically feel like eating it.


Back to Mario’s for my favorite whole wheat margarita slice! We took out from Mario’s rather than eating there so I made a side salad with my pizza once we were home.

whole wheat margarita pizza

I returned to using this green goddess salad dressing from Trader Joe’s and love it all over again! I’m not sure when or why I stopped buying it on a regular basis but I made the quick decision to throw it in my cart last week and I am so very glad I did.

Trader Joe's green goddess dressing

I stopped at Wild Fig one day for a salad. Next time I won’t get the onions, even though they are good, because I can’t stand the aftertaste sometimes.

wild fig

I really hadn’t been to Chopt in a while. A while may only be a week or two, not totally sure, but it felt like a while!.

This Chopt salad contained romaine, spinach, quinoa, avocado, beets, and hearts of palm with Mexican Goddess dressing on the side. Oh, and a piece of bread.


Since I still have my Cheesecake Factory gift cards from Hanukkah, we will continue to go so that I don’t have to cook. 🙂

I had the Vegan Cobb salad this time around, although I really do want to order the California Guacamole salad that I mentioned recently. That really was so very good too! It’s amazing to me that I now rotate three difference salads at The Cheesecake Factory when for what – 20 years or so – I had my own standing order of the Barbecue Ranch Salad.

vegan Cobb salad

What have you been eating lately?

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    Amen to that lady! Love your attitude and good on ya for spreading that positive mindset around! Like a food/exercise freedom fairy 😉

    I also had a horrible cold recently, and it’s funny, I always have an aversion to coffee when I’m sick, and right now after a long period of not having it, I’m craving it like CRAZY. That and chocolate. I’m sticking chocolate chips where acceptable and where not :p

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    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from
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  3. says

    Hey Sunshine! I’ve missed you and your pizza and bagels and salads pictures, although I try to stay up to date with you on Instagram. Happy New Year. Hope life is treating you and the kiddo well.

    Off to crave veggie cream cheese now.

    And avoid anything D related (diets, yuck!).