Not Running When Sick + Workout Apparel Of Interest

I had an unplanned week off from running last week because I was sick with a bad cold so this workout recap is definitely lacking in workouts to share!

On the plus side, having a bad cold means that I crave matzoh ball soup. I’m not usually a soup person, unless I am sick. There really is nothing better than matzoh ball soup when you aren’t feeling well.


I do not get sick or catch a cold too often but when I do, I take time off from running. While they say that there should be no harm in continuing a workout routine if symptoms are above the chest and you aren’t running a fever, I truly don’t see the point in slogging through running easy miles just to run them. Like, why not rest? What’s the harm in taking a few days off from running while your body fully recovers from an illness? I ask these questions because I find it so rare to see runners take time off when they are sick.

I spent most of the last week laying low and in bed super early at night to help me to feel better. I needed every second of that rest and can now resume my normal level of exercise. To be honest, I don’t even notice that I haven’t run in a week but I do know that I am in the mood to run a few miles on the treadmill this morning.

Monday – 40 Min Pure Barre

Last night I decided that maybe I was getting a cold. At first, I thought it was an allergy to new makeup but no, I was certain later in the day today that I most certainly had a cold.

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Off

I made it outside for a walk but I don’t know how long, maybe 30 minutes.

Friday – 40 Min Pure Barre

I was feeling better but not ready to sweat so a Pure Barre workout was perfect.

Saturday – Off

This was the first morning in five days where my nose didn’t feel completely stuffed and I wasn’t reaching for a tissue every two minutes. My head hurt, however, and I still felt like I had a slight cold when I woke up so another day off can only help me.

I did walk around the mall later in the day though! Here’s some of the workout apparel that caught my eye:

I like these Gap Fit High Rise Side Stripe Leggings in the pink and gray with matching sports bra.

I want a pair of lululemon Align Joggers.

LOVE this shade of blue for the Rest Less Pullover.

These cardio cross trainer headbands are on sale.

I would like an Alo Yoga Sunny Strappy Sports Bra as this style looks cute and comfortable from Bloomingdale’s. I should have grabbed the cult favorite Alo Yoga High-Waist Ripped Warrior Legging when they were on sale the other day. Any day now I’m sure they will be back at a discount through another offer so make sure to watch the pricing!

Sunday – Off

I was feeling all better this morning but had a breakfast date so hey, what’s another day off from running? Some things in life are more important than a workout. 🙂




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  1. Hannah says

    A thousand times yes to this! Hope you are feeling much better, and well done for giving yourself the rest your body needed xo