Great Week of Weather For Outdoor Winter Workouts (workout recap)

When I say I took advantage of the time off and a great week of winter weather last week for my workouts, I mean it.

It didn’t rain or snow, and temperatures were basically around 40 (or higher!) each morning. I am so very glad this weather pattern fell during the holiday break as I was really able to happily take advantage of running or walking at my leisure.

My son was off from school and I wasn’t working so I was able to sleep later and head outside later without a real schedule in place. It was glorious! Even though I work from home, I do keep myself to a tight schedule so I’m usually done with my workouts during the week before 800 AM. 

I really like sleeping later than I ever used to, which I guess is a good and bad thing. Like, I think being an early bird and morning person is important for routine and getting things done. I don’t want to be that person who has to ever drag themselves out of bed. But on weekends and days off, I do like that I appreciate sleeping in later than usual. Although, my appetite ALWAYS wakes me up.

Anyway, here are my workouts from the week! All runs outdoors were on the easy side (averaging in the 9’s) and Pure Barre was at a minimum.

Monday – 5 Mile Run

Tuesday – 4 Mile Walk

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run

Thursday – 30 Min Pure Barre/3 Mile Walk

pure barre on demand

Friday – 6 Mile Run

There was a part of me who wanted to run a hill workout on the treadmill but how could I resist running outdoors in this weather?

New York running weather

Saturday – 20 Min Pure Barre/3.5 Mile Walk

I didn’t run today because I had my highlights done yesterday with a blow out — I don’t like to mess things up too soon!

Sunday – 5 Miles

While I still didn’t want to sweat my hair, I figured an easy run outside would be okay at this point. Note – my triceps were sore from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout.

With New Year’s Eve already tomorrow, I can’t help but think back to New Year’s Eve two years ago. You know, that time I dropped the shampoo bottle on my foot which ultimately changed my workout routine for the better ever since. I easily run half of what I used to (if not even less than half of what I used to on a weekly basis) and couldn’t be happier about it.

I hope that all of my running reader friends have a very happy new year and most importantly, that you go into the year running the distance that makes you happy on a regular basis.

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    Hey there! Great reading about your weekly workouts! Birchwood Pie mentioned you in a recent blog post, so I popped over. It’s always great finding new (to me) blogs, especially fitness-based ones. Happy 2020!