Weekly Workout Recap (12/9/19 – 12/15/19)

I didn’t run much this week (only once) but I had my reasons:

On the days I was in the gym, I did not feel like running.

Friday, when I could have run, I preferred to walk.

Over the weekend, I had a Bat Mitzvah to attend both Saturday and Sunday, with a funeral service in between. My hair, which I had done late Friday afternoon, needed to last me through Sunday night. Therefore, sweating was really not an option. I didn’t have time to run on Saturday anyway, and Sunday morning, I was totally fine with taking a walk before getting ready to attend the funeral and then drive to Connecticut for the Bat Mitzvah party last night.

These weeks happen and they are so totally fine. My favorite workout from the week was probably Friday morning’s walk, not even my 5-mile outdoor run. I can’t fully explain why although if I want to try, it’s likely because walking outdoors Friday morning was truly what I wanted to do and the fact that I got to do it, left me feeling so very happy.

Monday – 35 Min Elliptical/10 min Treadmill Walk

Tuesday – 5 Miles (outside!)

I was so happy that the temperature was in the 50’s this morning so that I could get outside to run before the rain/snow arrived.

Wednesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Snowy morning meant a perfect morning for a Pure Barre workout from home.

Thursday – 15 Min Treadmill/30 Min Elliptical

I was in the gym today but not in the mood for a treadmill run so I broke my workout up between incline walking on the treadmill and the elliptical.

Friday – 4 Mile Walk

Super happy to get outside this morning! The temperature was around 40 degrees which is probably my ideal temperature for being outdoors in the winter. I even brought my cup of coffee that I picked up from Dunkin Donuts after driving my son to school. I don’t normally stop for coffee but it felt necessary this morning, even though I already had coffee at home.

dunkin coffee

This walk was perfect.

Saturday – 30 Min Pure Barre

Quick Pure Barre workout before getting ready for a Bat Mitzvah.

Sunday – About an hour Walk (outside)

I’m thinking I will likely run on the treadmill this morning. Have a great week!

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