What I’ve Been Eating Lately (Recent Meal Highlights)

I haven’t written a recent meal post in a few weeks so I have a nice round-up ready for today!

First, let’s start with my lunch at The Little Beet in between shopping. I picked three different vegetable options — roasted rainbow carrots, roasted broccoli, and the brussels sprouts salad.

There’s an avocado bean dip (I think that’s the name? Pretty sure, but not 100%) in there too.

little beet

Surprisingly, I hadn’t been to Chopt in a few weeks. I went to Chopt just the other day though and broke my drought. In the salad was romaine, spinach, avocado, quinoa, roasted carrots, pickled onions, and beets. Shoot, am I forgetting an ingredient? Did I do sweet potatoes too? Um, not sure.

Tahini on the side.


I believe this was called the chopped vegetable salad? I’m not totally sure, but it was delicious with a mix of vegetables, chickpeas, and feta cheese. There’s a trend in this post where I am not 100% sure of what I’m eating (or where I’m eating it – I forget the name of the restaurant where I had this salad!) which to me, is totally fine. Maybe it’s not fine as a “food blogger” in terms of reporting, but as a balanced-minded person who isn’t interested in over thinking about food in any way, this is really the best way to be. 

vegetable salad

Dirty Taco is still a top favorite apparently for everyone on Long Island because you MUST arrive crazy early for dinner if you don’t want to wait forever. Seriously, from the second Dirty Taco opens it doors in the afternoon, there is a wait.

I’ve been to Dirty Taco twice in the last couple of weeks.

We love the Dirty Taco guacamole.


Their roasted brussels sprouts are amazing on top of this salad.

dirty taco

I’m still enjoying the vegan cobb salad at The Cheesecake Factory. I order it without the almonds and sunflower seeds (due to minor allergies).

vegan Cobb salad

And this slice of margarita pizza was absolutely delicious. I had it in the city the other day after attempting the Stoney Clover sample sale. It was my fault for getting to the sample sale towards the end (which meant I grabbed NOTHING because everything totally amazing was already sold out!) but this slice of pizza right after leaving the sale was just perfect. The Stoney Clover pop up shop in the city opens this weekend (!!) so I will make up for not getting anything at the sample sale. TRUST ME.


I haven’t taken any pictures of food at home lately but I have been busy roasting a whole lot of sweet potatoes. I’ve been doing a drizzle of olive oil rather than coconut oil and the change has been nice! I like both oils, but I think it’s important to change them every once in a while just to get a varying flavor going on. 🙂

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  1. Rebecca says

    THESE ARE my favourites Posts! I’ve been reading for years and still love these so much. I swear you are the NYC (or Long Island) version of me. We’re both single mums of boys the same age, runners, foodies- and i’m Jewish. Lol. Keep posting your weekly meal and food adventures lovely (or at home meals and shopping!) Love from London