Friday Favorites (Pizza + Allseated + Barre Workout Apparel)


Happy Friday – I have a few favorites to report from this week!

Whole wheat margarita pizza

Would you believe it had actually been a few weeks since I last had my favorite pizza slice? It’s not that I hadn’t been eating pizza, it’s just that I had been having pizza from other places. I was so happy to be back at Mario’s this week for the whole wheat margarita slice.

whole wheat margarita pizza

Allseated website and logo redesign!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to finally launch our new logo and website redesign this week. I’ve been working on the new site for a few months now so to actually see it live was truly thrilling. I take the Allseated site as personally as I do my own blog. This says a lot as I wouldn’t care this much if I didn’t actually enjoy what I do. I would never consider myself a career-driven or career-oriented type of person. Nor am I the type who can just work for a paycheck. I’m not wired in those ways. For me, it’s that I actually enjoy what I do and feel passionate about it. I think this approach is as good as being career-driven, it’s simply a different type of mindset when it comes to working.  Not to mention, I love the people I get to work with on a regular basis — that’s a huge part of why I do what I do and take it so seriously. I’m very lucky.

A new mug for my tea arrived at my house this week with our new logo. 🙂


Barre Apparel

In Monday’s post, I touched on my colder weather workout apparel picks for this coming season. But what about Pure Barre? What do I wear for Pure Barre? Good question.

Since I do my Pure Barre workouts from home, I don’t really need to be that presentable. However, what I wear in the house would be what I would wear to an in-studio Pure Barre class too.

Basically, my Pure Barre workouts involve shelf bra tank tops. I save sports bras for running and then wear the shelf style tanks for Pure Barre workouts with any of my workout pants. Since I usually go for walks on my Pure Barre days, whatever I end up wearing for Pure Barre works for walks as well. On colder mornings, I throw on my lulu scuba hoodie.

I like the GapFit Breathe Strappy Shelf Tank Tops and I have a few of the Power Y tanks from lululemon.

This GapFit Breathe Tie-Back Shirt is a good one for the winter when you may want something long-sleeves even though you are inside for Pure Barre. It’s not like you sweat so if you start out cold, odds are, you warm up but not enough to get hot in a top like this.

For pants, I go with any of the GapFit styles (no compression for me). Sometimes in the house, if I am not going for a walk before/after Pure Barre, I wear regular sweatpants with a shelf tank.

I only wear barre socks in the winter, otherwise, I do the barre workouts at home barefoot on carpeting.


The holiday makeup sets are slowly starting to be released! I’m overwhelmed and excited at the same time. I’ll do another post more focused on holiday makeup picks but for now, some of the MAC Holiday collections are out and I’m already in love with everything. I want the holiday makeup brush set and one of the lip gloss sets, maybe this one.

And then, from Sephora, a new limited edition Drunk Elephant set is out and at great value for the products. If you buy this as a gift, buy yourself one too.

Have a great weekend!





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  1. Susan Williams says

    What do you use to stream your Pure Barre at home? I was doing Pure Barre in Tacoma once a week. I spend my winters in Palm Desert and was going to start Pure Barre here, but they seem to only be interested in full time people. Got the same feeling in Tacoma. So, I think I’ll try On Demand . I read your review about it and thought you’d have some additional info.

    • says

      I have a monthly Pure Barre on Demand subscription for the last few years – I love it! I do the workouts from my laptop but it’s available across multiple platforms which makes it really accessible and portable. I hope this helps!