Colder Weather Workout Apparel Picks + Weekly Workout Recap


I have started to review my colder weather workout apparel to ensure I’m prepared for the season ahead. The weather is still comfortable for running outdoors here in New York. While the morning temperature varies a bit, it’s still been in the 50’s and 60’s which doesn’t really require a major switch in workout apparel just yet. But I need to be prepared!

One thing about me — I love to shop for clothes but HATE to spend my money on workout apparel.

I see no point in overspending on workout apparel beyond having what I need for functionality and durability. My workout wardrobe is only worn for an hour in the morning when no one really even sees me beyond the dog walkers in my neighborhood.

I try to balance my workout apparel choices with items from the Gap and lululemon. Certain things from lululemon are totally worth it, and certain things from the Gap function for me just as well, allowing me to save some money.

I wanted to share some of my key pieces right now in case you are looking to update your workout wardrobe for the winter season. Please keep in mind that I no longer run outdoors once it’s below about 25 degrees. The only recommendation I have for running when it’s crazy cold is LAYERS (plus your hat and mittens).

Scuba Hoodie – I mentioned this hoodie recently as I really like to wear it as my top layer for walking right now. I definitely want another one and will probably take any color from the sale section of the lululemon website < – save every penny you can on workout stuff. 🙂

GapFit Puffer Vest: This vest comes in really handy as it starts getting colder. Layering is key when running outdoors. You never want to overdress and at the same time, you want to wear enough layers to stay warm. I start wearing this vest once it hits low 50’s. You can wear just one layer under the vest, or wear a few. You can also start your run with the vest on, and as you warm up, decide to take it off.

GapFit Maximum Heat Base Layer Long Sleeve T-Shirt –This long sleeve top has replaced my need for lululemon long sleeve Run Swiftly shirts. It’s not that I don’t like the Run Swiftly, I certainly do. It’s that this top of the Gap functions just as well for me, at a lower cost. I wear this top alone, under a vest, jacket, or under another long sleeve top once it’s really cold. It’s really great for layering.

GapFit Breathe Pullover Hoodie-This is another great layering piece. Wear it as it starts to get colder and then as a layering piece.

Outrun the Elements 1/2 Zip – I do like tops like this from lululemon. I have two from the last few years and they totally hold up if you take care of them. So, is this worth the investment? If you are an outdoor runner, I would say yes.

Cool Racerback II – This is my favorite workout tank. I wear it year-round for running outdoors or inside on the treadmill. It’s also great for under other layers.

When it comes to pants, this is a little tricky. I don’t know which I actually wear from the Gap! I have a bunch of them, but I am not sure of the absolutely exact styles. I can tell you that I shy away from compression (I hate to feel sucked in) but overall, I do like their pants. I still have a few pairs from lululemon too BUT find I can replace my pants from the Gap for less money without sacrificing how I feel when running.  See this link for a full variety of GapFit pants.

Run Fast Gloves – So I’ve had my lululemon running mittens for years now. I see they have a newer version available. I don’t know that these gloves are as warm as the pair of mittens that I have, but I’m willing to bet they are a good investment. A great pair of running mittens are just so important. These are technically gloves (not mittens) but have the flap to cover the fingers when it’s extra cold.

Cross Chill Run Beanie- I bought a version of this hat a few years ago. I definitely recommend it! It washes well, fits well, and keeps my head warm while running outdoors.

Weekly Workout Recap

How pretty is this rainbow that my phone caught yesterday while out for a walk! I was simply taking a picture to have of my path to share here on the blog and once I looked at the photo, I saw the rainbows.


Not a whole lot to say about my workouts last week. I had two days (Thursday and Friday) where I found myself not sure if I felt like running or walking. Usually, I am very defined in how I feel – either I want to run or I want to walk. I realized on Thursday that my ambivalence while running (and then walking, and then switching back to running) was totally caused by PMS. By Saturday, I felt normal again (because I got my period). It didn’t even cross my mind to stop running and switch to walking. Of course, it didn’t. My PMS mood was gone. Funny how that works.

Monday – 5 Miles

Warmer, humid, and windy. That’s all I have to say.

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Pure Barre (full body)

Wednesday – 45 Min Walk

Thursday – 3 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre (thighs & abs)

I started out running but realizing a quarter-mile in that I actually didn’t feel like running. So, I switched to walking, but then went back to running a bit during the last mile. I never bounce between running and walking!

Friday – 45 Min Walk/10 Min Pure Barre (seat & abs)

It was SO WINDY this morning. I thought I might run, and started to run, but truly didn’t feel like it. Switched over to walking.

Saturday – 7 Miles

Sunday – 30 Min Pure Barre/60 Min Walk

Are you shopping for new workout apparel right now? What are you looking to get for the winter season?


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